Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Hi guys, so yet another flying visit as i am off to the cinema again, this time to see Bad Teacher, i dont actually know what its about but still.

So as you can see on the right i have been casting things on like there is no tomorrow or certainly no full day at work tomorrow (which there is)

So the oldest in my 'current' cast on's (i have a bag with at least 5 others)

This is Shalom i cast this on quite randomly lsat tuesday on my day off and not touched it since eekkk

My Peacock Shrug i cast on last thursday night after knit night, still yet to do my first peacock yet but soon

I cast Hey Teach on, on monday 

Laar i started casting on, on sunday but finished monday night, Picot edge cast one nightmare! CO5 BO 2 took forever as did the 4 rows i have knit so far god help me! 

Now this, i cast on at like 6.30 yesterday morning, i didnt have anything to knit on the bus, everything had too long rows which arent good for the bus, so a good bit of knitting in the round was needed.

It looked like this by last night

so that was tuesdays 'bus work' and tonight it looks like this

So i actually get quite a bit done on the bus, when someone isnt trying to take over my whole seat with their backside!
oh yes and this is Owls yes again but this time im doing stripes and no Owls.

So what i need to  know pretty quick is, do i do different width stripes or the same, is either anymore flattering?

Right i must dash as my microwave meal is beeping and i have about 10 mins to eat and change.

Be sure to check out what the other girls over on Tami's blog are up to

rach x

p.s thanks for the comments on my sarahs cards blog work yay! 


Chrisknits said...

I love different stripes sizes. Gives it more interest. You are very ambitious! I cringe at having 3 active WIPs right now. I won't mention the others that are stashed away. That way they can't taunt me very well.

Kit said...

love your blog and your creations

Claireliz said...

Great WIP's there Rachel.


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