Sunday, 10 July 2011


Hi guys, wow yesterday sure was busy, i went to a awesome baby shower and i am pleased to say i got the 2nd vest finished literally just before we left yay!

They went down really well which is always nice. I was the only one to give the twins 'different' things lol

Today we are having a lazy day, i have been having a clear out but before i put it all up for sale i just wanted to ask if you thought things are better sold in big bundles like paper/card or smaller ones?

I have stacks of Bazzill, some swiss dot, shiny (cant remember proper word, just lots in general.

Hoping to upload it later on.

I thought i would show you my pages i did over at the Sarah's Cards blog this week incase you hadnt had a chance to look 

p.s was 14mths till our wedding on friday eekk!

Further details are on the blog.

Right im going to sort through all my for sale stuff, then do a bit of me knitting.

Hope you are having a lovely day

rach x


faith76 said...

Like the baby vests, have seen a similar pattern on Ravelry I want to try out for my little girl.

Not sure what way would sell better bundles or not - ain't sure :/

It will be your wedding day before you know it, my first wedding anniversary is in August and I remember all the excitement of planning etc - it's great fun.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Leah x

Jenny said...

Those vests are silly cute! Awesome LO's, I think I need some. (And know what you mean about weddings, I've a year and EEK! certainly comes into it
!) xx


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