Monday, 6 June 2011

2 in 2 days?

I know what is going on? I think when you stop blogging for a bit its hard to start again even for a few days but when you start again its easy, does that make any sense?

So today is a special day because my super good friend Heather turns 25 today!

She came to visit yesterday, considering she has 'moved away' I see her more often that a lot of people to be honest which is fabulous, actually the night before Woolfest, she is coming for a sleepover then Rob is driving us to Baa Ram Ewe super early to pile on a coach to the Lakes for the mighty Woolfest.

So anyway I made Heather a card
See those thousands of numbers are handy

We sat and knit/hooked watched strange baby programmes on Discovery home and health (love this channel) and ate strawberries in the garden

Do you love my Cravendale spoon? if you collect the milk wrappers you can send away for stuff, we have spoons, tea towels, and have just got a sugar bowl and a cereal bowl awesome right?

So as well as buying Heather a present I thought i would make her a little something.

I thought i would make her a Ishbel (surely you remember when i made mine) so I started this just before i went on holiday, and knit whilst i was there too

But in my chilled out state i went right past the small size right past it so i had no choice but to keep on going till i got to the bigger size :(

This put me quite behind schedule, it turned out i didnt really have time to do a Ishbel with all the fancy lovely lace and block it perfectly so i just added a ruffle on the end, i think i ended up with about 600 stitches in the end eekk!

But she really liked it
So there you go Happy Birthday Heather!

In other news here are a couple of bunny photos which were requested by Jo

So today is also an exciting day as i did my first proper post on the Sarahs Cards blog, if you havent seen if you can see it here

Thanks for stopping by
Rachel x


JO SOWERBY said...

aw tah rach for the bunnies, they have really grown loads. i feel well honoured u chose to go with my comment. glad heathers scarf truned out fine. loved the blogpost over on sarah's cards too,
jo xxx

The undomesticated scientist said...

cute cute bunnies. not sure how you tell them apart! give them loves from me and my bunnies!

Heather said...

thank you for my birthday blog post, you are lovely :)


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