Friday, 10 June 2011

Bandwagon of the 10 things

So this week has been well, crap if I'm honest for many reasons, but i got in tonight and caught up on some blogs and spotted this on Shims blog and thought that sounds fun so i thought i would wing it as i went along and see if i could fit these numbers into my week, i do not have photos to go with them all.

1. Number of times i have been weed on by a rabbit

2.  dogs i went out with one a walk with my neighbour

3. Days i did my knitting wrong in a row, very sad times

4. number of times i looked at my nice finished knitting before i ripped it out.

5. number of times my bunnies got excited over breakfast

6. The amount of layouts I plan to get done this weekend, some of which using this, the cider is needed

7. day 7 we plan on painting, we arent sure where yet or which colour but we bought these

8. Number of times every minute i have wanted this week to be over

9. The time I plan not to wake up before tomorrow

10. was the earliest i went to bed this week which is unheard of, normally 12 at least

There that was fun wasnt it, so do you have 10 things to share?

So im gonna sit at my desk, my cider is now empty, and im gonna catch up on a bit of scrapping, its due to rain rain rain this weekend which might help lol

Will be back tomorrow with some of my finished knitty things

thanks for coming by 



JO SOWERBY said...

bad week, gr8 weekend. drink more alcohol and scrapbook ur cars away. pet therapy always work wonders i find too and general hugs from attractive fiances,
jo xxx

Em said...

oh wow - your bunnies are so cute! i'm sure i've been wee'd on by rabbits plenty of times in my life... just one look at those faces and i always forgive them!


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