Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lazy Days

Hi guys, wow its been a while, to be honest Im not sure what to blog about so i thought i would stop by and share a couple more photos from our holiday.

As mentioned this was a very chilled holiday, so this is what we did

we lazied around reading
We did lots of reading. Something I picked up over the years (probably at uni) is when you finish something like a drink to put it in your head to say you are finished.

I started this a day before we left which is why it was finished quick, Being a Bachelor- Mike Gayle, awesome book.

I cant find the photo for book one, Holiday is the only time Rob reads book books, he read 2.5 which was fab.
Accidental Proposal- Matt Dunn- ok but not great (lost photo for book 2)
Happy Home for Broken Hearts- Rowan Coleman, loved this book read it super quick.

As you know i did lots of knitting,
Found a shady tree and sat under there and working on my socks as everything else was to big/hot
It was so weird waking up after 10am every day, plodding through to the living room, picking up my knitting and sitting and watching a film with Rob, so many boring house things get in the way of that at home and I have to say we loved it.

Rob played on is PSP something he never does at home ever! I watched girly films, he watched boy films whilst i listened to my Harry Potter audio book or just sat on the balcony knitting looking at this view.
Ahhh bliss

I have had a pretty chilled out weekend, I have just posted on the Sarahs Cards blog which is due to go like at 7am ish (hope it works) and that you like what I have done.

Right off to fit a couple of rows of knitting in before bed.

Rachel x

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JO SOWERBY said...

oh yes the joy of finishing a book is indescribable. never taken knitting on holiday myself as books take up too much roomm heehee. shame no bunny pics today, bless them
jo xxx


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