Monday, 9 May 2011


Do you ever have one of those days where you dont quite wake up properly, ive had/having one of those, i have a dull kinda headache, i feel super sleepy and a bit pretty pap on my driving lesson tonight as a result!

So i thought i would come and quickly blog as i appear to have done a good few days in a row.

This weekend i did the latest sketch from Shimelle
I confess i struggle with 2 6x4 photos and i very very rarely do it, ok i never do but i thought i would give it a go and here is what i came up with

I decided to do a page on our fabby engagement party, i really like the sketch and i think it will help me do more 2 6x4 pages in the future, it will certainly help me get through my photos lol

Anyway im gonna se if i can be bothered to do some knitting, i know seriously i knit all the way to work today (very brave) im always the last person anyone sits next to i swear you would think i was sat flame throwing or something lol

anyway, have a nice night

rach x


Claireliz said...

Love that page Rachel, really colourful.

Katrina said...

Gorgeous page :)

It's funny a few years ago I had a ton of 6x4 pics & really struggled with them. For the album I working on at the moment (2009) I ordered lots of tiny photo's but am finding my 'collage' pages a bit too busy now & all very similar - all I want now is a stack of 6x4's.

Hope your week flies by & you have a lovely holiday :)


Connie said...

cute Lo!!!


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