Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ok Hub!

So again lame on the blogging front i have so many pages to share with you i kinda have forgot what i have and havent shown you hence you are seeing nothing.
So i know i havent told you this story.

I said i had a few funny engagement stories and here is another

So funny story, normal wednesday at work when i get a text from Rob saying he has paid for the car insurance out of the joint account instead of his, i didnt think of it and text him back ok hun!

Or so i thought, it appears, he actually bought my engagement ring on the wrong account so if i was to look it would have been right there for me to see! And apparently i didnt reply ok hun, i replied ok Hub! My phone isnt very happy these days and often picks different words, so the whole time he thought i had seen and guessed it was an engagement ring!

Like really as if i would have guessed and not said anything for that amount of time, isnt he silly?

I have used the gorgeous Stella and Rose for this page which i am completely addicted to.

I still havent finished my march 6x4 pages its been too sunny to sit inside but its due to rain like all weekend so i can catch up get it blogged and get Aprils done as they are all here and printed.

Right i really must dash short post for me but i guess they dont need to be super long every time right?

Hope you like my little story, i have one more to tell, equally as silly lol

rach x


Katrina said...

Fab story!

It made me laugh cos my phone does funny things too :)

You've also helped me remember a little detail I'd long forgotten too. During the run up to our wedding my DH & I called the wedding 'Sparkly ring day' - my wedding band has 9 diamonds ahhhh I love the little memories :)

JO SOWERBY said...

aw good freudian slip there rachel. glad u didnt twig or it would have spoilt rob's big surprise,
Jo xxx

Katie said...

Awesome story and a great one to tell the grandkids!

Julia said...

That's a fab story - have you seen "damn you auto correct" on fb? Some brilliant iPhone mistakes on there that have me giggling for ages!


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