Monday, 2 May 2011

Cottage in the Country

Man! I have had a awesome weekend like really!

I LOVE our scrapping weekends away but this one i think was the best.
We loved our Cabin in the Woods but this one was on a grander scale, the cottage was amazing, it had indoor toilets, yes we were amazed too!

Wanna see?

Cute right? Well done to Katherine for finding this place!

and the grounds were gorgeous too, obvs the weather helped
Some crochet lessons happened in the garden

There was horses in the near by field
Friday night we barely did any scrapping and just sat in the living room (thats right a living room) had a fab chinese and caught up with whats going on, and we watched Harry Potter

Not the greatest pic but i like it anyway

Saturday we went on a bit of a hike in the country

I was not loving all the climbing, bad day to wear a skirt, you know you are in trouble when you need a pregnant girl to help you over

Off we walked

and walked!
gorgeous day

we stopped for some photos

We got a great group shot by 'Father Tree'

We got arty ones too

We met some of the cutest mini ponies you ever did see

We took more group shots
and then a couple more on the way home

this is my choir

proper one

Then we headed back to edit them, i think Shimelle took 700+ OMG!

We finished off the day with a meal in the pub over the road, completely awesome day.

Sunday we scrapped and lazed about in the sun was fabulous.

We all felt so relaxed and rested it was great.

So i mainly did work for my DT stuff but i did do these 2 pages from Shims latests sketches

This weeks i love, so i used one of my favourite photos from our engagement shoot

As this is a sketch i can say that i really like this page lol

The next sketch was from the week before

My bunnies love to help out on cleaning day but tend to end up covered in sawdust.

i did some of my little pages for my March 2011 but had such a busy month i have had to do double so hoping to finish that later today and i can show you.

So there you have it a completely amazing weekend with 10 of my favourite chums.

Be sure to check out their blogs for more pics and fun things

Natalie, Sally, SJ, Shim, Katherine, Laura, Chloe, Leanne, Jen, Katy (who doesnt have a blog)

Finally a huge thank you to Natalie for driving us 'down south'!

Right im off to try and get a bit of the sun!

thanks for stopping by
rach x


shimelle said...

Yay for weekend blog posts and tiny ponies!

I promise I didn't take 700 pictures. :) When we loaded everyone's pictures together, there were 800+ though! And then we had a massive edit session down from there. :) :) :)

Such a fab weekend. :)

JO SOWERBY said...

looks brilliant rachel. so was i right in picking one of the villages then?
Jo xxx

Sally said...

awwwwwwesome blog post, thanks for a lovely weekend, see you soon rachy xxxxxxx

Jo said...

Looks like you had a fab weekend and your cottage looks lovely.

Nicola said...

Hahaha, the pic of you climbing over the fence has me cracking up at my desk, thats the most energetic I've seen you hehe, looks a lovely cottage xx

Libby said...

What a fun weekend. Reminds me of the scrapbooking weekends I used to go on. Unfortunately most of the scrapbooking buddies have fallen by the wayside so they don't happen any more :-(.

Claireliz said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time. Great layouts too.


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