Friday, 6 May 2011

Doc 2011- March

Wow what a month March was, full of very exciting things, I have finally finished my pages so i can show you what i have been up to (pretty sure you know it all anyway). lol

We got engaged, just if you might have missed that info lol

We got the cutest bunnies in the world

The rest of March was so hectic i have to do 2 6x4 pages, and this is the first time where i actually enjoyed them.
So Sarahs Cards Retreat, we went to the cinema to see Paul, Got engaged, March, Bling

I got to see my gorgeous Godson, i changed my relationship status on facebook, Charlotte and lydia came to visit, we got our gorgeous girls

I went home venue hunting, had a pampered chef party, my new friends visited, we got some cute cards

Rob built the rabbit hutch, Bunnies little personalities came out, gorgeous engagement setting and a summary.

Im pretty pleased with my March pages, they are my favourite of the month, so here is what they look like in my album.

Cute huh!

Tonight i have ordered a stack more photos from the might Photobox they have a offer on at the min

free delivery on prints and enlargements when you spend over £5 at Photobox.


Ends Monday 9th May.

Right i best go and get some knitting done, then early night for a early driving lesson, oh and i drove in the rain last night was super scary!

Rach xx


Heather said...

great pages! i love the idea of this album and the divided pages :) will have to get cracking sorting my photos out & make use of that offer, need a load printed. thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

Rach these look fab! Love that you used two lots of minis rather than try to squeeze it all in, I might have to do that for April, it was super busy!

Katie said...

Awesome pages :-) I'm hoping to get my April ones done this weekend.

Anna said...

All your pages look great, you've made me wish I'd done it now!

Scraptastic Mel x said...

Great pages - it defo was an exciting month for you!


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