Saturday, 7 May 2011


Hi guys i just thought i would make a flying visit to share the work i did for the Sarahs's Cards sketch this month, leave a comment by the 30th May to be in with winning a voucher to spend in the shop.

It was my granny who caught me to knit when i was about 7, We knit the Scarecrow family, anyone remember them? they were all the rage in the early 90's, well i was in charge of the mouse and the caterpillar, and it started from there. Obviously it stopped for quite a while but now i am in crazy full steam ahead.

I have used some of the papers from the new MME collections which are my current favourite.

Right I'm off for a take away, some knitting, a film and some bunny cuddles, my favourite kind of saturday night.

Im aiming to be back tomorrow to tell you what im going to be up to soon.

thanks for stopping by


p.s I did roundabouts in my driving lessons today and it was scary!


Jude said...

Good for you Rachel's Granny - you set her up for life... :-D Going to age myself now, but my daughter had the "2 way" knitted Cinderella, which was the craze before the scarecrows!!!
Roundabouts! I don't mind most of them, but there is one local to me, and I will do a 5 mile detour rather than drive around it. My instructor always told me if my exit was before 12 o'clock, keep to the left hand lane - unless road markings tell you different. (The roundabout I hate has 6 exits - yikes!) Just stay calm and you'll be fine.

Christine said...

Yes I remember the scarecrow family - wow what a blast from the past! Great page :-)

Claireliz said...

Fab layout Rachel. Hope the driving lesson went ok.

Julia said...

I did a knitted clown for each of my nephews when I was in my late it's trendy cardigans for my 12 year old! Love the page and roundabouts are fine once you get used to them!

Katie said...

cool page - love that number paper :-)


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