Saturday, 2 April 2011

Mrs Busy

Wow this has been a crazy busy week, dont feel like i have had a minute all week, which is why at nearly lunch time i am still in my pjs and i just dont care lol.

So Monday night I held a Pampered Chef party

This was really fun, i went to my neighbours party a couple of weeks ago so held my own and got lots of lovely freebies lol

Tuesday night i had a 2 hours 1-2-1 market research,
i got home and crashed on the sofa with my favourite girlies.
I look crazy tired in this pic but i like it anyway

We are completely smitten by these 2 little bunnies, we seem to be going through a phase of good nights and bad. Good ones involve one like this lots of cuddles and snuggles bad ones, involved them weeing on both of us, the sofa, the blanket i sit them on and my cosmo blanket!
It does seem to be one night good one night bad lol, so i am due a 'bad' night tonight lol

Little Olive is a complete cutie, she is one for sitting on your knee and having a cuddle.

Wilma likes to explore, she likes to dig and nibble, but she does like cuddles too but she would rather try and dig your jeans first. Wilma seems loads bigger than Olive, though Olive is catching up.

So Wednesday, we drove up North straight from work to go and have a 2nd look at the venue we had in mind.

And i am happy to say we booked it yay! But before we paid the deposit we had to book a Registrar and pick a time and everything eekk so that is all done now oh my!

Im gonna keep the date under raps for a little bit until i come up with a cute idea for the Save the Date cards, any ideas/links welcome.


I had a driving lesson so no pics but it went well, came home to Rob completely full of cold, so just kinda waiting to get it myself, this was the 'bad bunny' night so lots of washing and cleaning up followed by a early night lol.


We had friends over for dinner which was lovely, Rob did really well considering he was a complete snot box.

And finally it is saturday and i couldnt be more excited.
Im not doing anything, well you know of course i am but im not seeing anyone, going anywhere and its awesome.
I had 107 blog posts to read, photos to upload lots.
But the one thing that has been stressing me out is how little i am getting to scrap, and as you know i have been buying a fair bit of stuff lately, but i am feeling overwhelmed.

I think if i had a tidy up i might feel better

This was my attempt to sort my paper and then i lost interest lol

Ive had a pile of paper i need to use for a Sarahs Cards challenge which i literally moved out of my bag and thats it, that is on my list for today

I started scrapping on this table a couple of weeks ago when my desk got too busy, Rob has since moved things on to it that he has found round the house and now its a mess.

So there you go, Im debating getting dressed (only coz i have to clean out the bunnies) and maybe a bit of lunch then some scrapping, then some tv catch up, i have like 5 Glee episodes to watch and some knitting.

I have also found some cute sketches to get me going with my scrapping.

Does anyone else get stressed out by not knitting/scrapping etc

Oh yes something i meant to do this week but didnt was the knitting and crochet blog week, so i am trying to string something together for later/tomorrow so i dont miss out completely.

Right i best move
Thanks for reading.


Jo said...

Sounds like you've had a very busy week. The bunnies are so cute and I hope you have more good nights than bad nights soon. Yes I get stressed when I'm not knitting or scrapping, the worst time is my luncyh break if I have nothing to do and just sit there thinking of all the good things I could be doing at home instead! Oops sorry my comment is nearly longer than you post :) have a good weekend x

Jen said...

eek, mega tidy up session required I think! I can't scrap when my desk looks like that either :)

PS. love the use of the word snot-box in this post!

Jacey said...

Here's hoping for more good nights than bad. We are still having a few bad nights with the puppy, he needs a wee at 2.30 in the morning, this is worse than a baby as I have to stand outside in the garden in the cold saying "go wee wee "
There is nothing more frustrating that not being able to find craft time.
Enjoy your weekend. xx

Jo said...

What a busy week, hope you've had a more relaxed day today. The bunnies are only babies, they'll soon learn not to do their unmentionables on you.


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