Sunday, 3 April 2011

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

So i was far too busy to play along with this cute challenge, i have had fun reading other peoples posts though.

So i thought i would do the challenges but just not every day so i am starting with this one, coz i took the photos yesterday.

"How do you keep your yarn wrangling organised?...if you are organised, blog about an aspect of that organisation process, whether that be a particularly neat and tidy knitting bag, a decorative display of your crochet hooks, your organised stash..."

So i am aware i am pretty darn lucky to have a Craft room, but my wool is kinda creeping to other areas of the house.

This is my OWL jumper part 2 which had been dumped on the hall table having been pulled out of my bag one day.
Most socks which are super super close to being finished are on the arm of the sofa, they are on my list after i finish this blog post!
I have a expedit in the living room, in one of the drawers are my current projects, so currently, my FLS which is going pretty slow (hoping to spend a couple of hours on that today), the wool for the OWL jumper, erm my completed sock, and the start of a ripple that lovely Heather started for me when she came the other week.
I have an assortment of knitting bags depending on how much i am carrying, these kinda just live the other expedit hole that hasnt got the draw in.
This is my knitting pencil case, that has the usual things in it. I use my Mr Men tin my sis got me a few years ago to put my stitch markers in.

In my craft room on the mental shelf are some balls of wool, i think they are out from when i was showing someone what i got in the sale.
A Baa Ram Ewe bag which hangs off the shelf, this has the rest of my wool for the cardi i am making and the other balls from the other photo, no idea what to knit with them yet lol

This is where the bulk of my wool is stored, this has gone down loads lately yet i seem to have used none of it so no idea how.
These drawers (like the ones downstairs ) have old wool like acrylics in that im not really planning on using, and a couple of projects bagged up to start.

The other draw has random stuff in, including my straight needles which i never ever use well maybe my super fat ones but only coz i havent got them in circulars lol.

I have a random tin of odd bits of wool on my window sill i cant think i will use them but they look pretty cute.

So there you go, how do you guys store all your wool, or current projects?
I would love to see.

So yesterday i had a super productive scrapping day, i got some pages which i 'needed' to get done done! Yay and did a few engagement type pages to which i will show you when i photograph them.

Finally a big Happy Mothers Day to the best Mam in the world.
Hope all the mams out there are being spoilt

rach x
p.s im sorry my fonts are a bit off!

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Jo said...

I think if my stash was as big as your's it would be all over the house. I don't have that much yarn so it's all in one bag, at present on a dining chair.


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