Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Wedding Venue Hunting

So I have been a very busy bee lately, when did i even last blog, coz i dont remember.
So on sunday i had my first driving lesson which was really good given that it was technically 8am and i had got to bed and stupid o'clock and i hadnt driven a car for ten years lol, so hoping will get better and better.

So Rob and I have only been engaged just over 2 weeks but everything seems to be moving very fast now, which i knew it would (rob did not), last week we went to see a venue about 40mins south of Leeds, Rob has the photos on his phone, it was a barn which was awesome but not quite what we were looking for. So we looked at some venues up north (where i am from, people forget this until they meet me and are like oh thats a norther accent, yes indeedy)

So I was always aware of the nice places to get married up north so when my parents went on a bit of a hunt i kinda knew where they meant. So on saturday my parents went to see this one venue which i had enquired about the previous day, they rang me up and said i had to come and see it and i would LOVE it. The one problem was there was only 2 saturdays left between April 2012 and September 2012 so a wee bit of pressure.

So straight after my driving lesson me and my MIL hot footed it up the motorway (Rob was working) to go and view some venues with my Mam and my big sis.
It had been a bit grey in Leeds but was super sunny as we drove home.

We sat in my mams garden for a quick sandwich and crunched some numbers

Then we headed off to the first venue

Helen drove whilst we feared for our lives in the back lol

So first up was a fancy hotel which is well known in the area

Helen had actually had her reception here in 2003

I loved the cute outside wedding option, but you cant rely on the english weather enough

There was some cute photo op area, which are being modelled here

However we are finding that the room where you actually say 'I do' isnt very nice.

So onto the next one

This one has seriously impressive grounds, it will have a bridge in the summer too which is cute as pie

These beds are filled with flowers in the summer

The bridal suite was completely gorgeous

Good photo ops

But still we carried on, next one is a bit random

This is a castle which is surprisingly on par with the others which is odd given its a freakin castle!

The reception room was really cool

The bridal suite was erm interesting

So there you go, thats what i have been up to lately.

Right I literally have to leave for work now with no breakfast and no lunch prepared so i hope you have enjoyed this blog post

So tonight we are driving up north once again to have a 2nd look at just one of them

rach x


Eleni Gratsia said...

Some of those places look fab ... can't wait to see which one you choose ... grab something on the way to work, shouldn't be without breakfast!! :)

Libby said...

Decisions, decisions. I would dearly love to have been married in a castle. None to be found in Australia however :-(.

Jo said...

How exciting. They all look lovely, I'm sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for.

JO SOWERBY said...

wow, wedding fever has set in. all those venues look lovely, it would be gr8 to have little bits from each one to make the perfect place. hope the 2nd viewing goes well,
jo xxx

Jenny said...

Ooohh!!! congrattas hun! I'm not the only one just got engaged and venue hunting then XD. Off to catch up! xx

Nicola said...

They all look very nice! Rather confused - as you still live up North?!


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