Saturday, 26 March 2011

How saturdays should be spent!

Last weekend i was joined by some brand new friends oh and Heather lol

Heather, Jenny, Emma and Claire all trekked a good way across the country to come and hang out at my house, to drink tea ( not me yak!) knit and eat muffins.

Its funny how 5 complete strangers can all just get one, well hardly strangers i have been reading these girls blogs for a long time and watched them all slowly move on to knitting as well as scrapping and then we talk lots on twitter too.

Most people who dont blog, fb, twitter etc just couldnt understand why people i had never met were coming to my house but look....

Claire, nice and normal and merrily knitting away with some super fat wool

Emma very normal and kindly fixing my mistakes on my februarys lady sweater lol

Jenny was a complete wizz at her crochet and again normal

And Heather ah well you cant win them all hee hee just joking!

So yes jolly nice day, jolly nice people,
Cant wait for the next one.

Right Im going to get on and watch a chick flick which has arrived from Love Film whilst Rob is at work and do a bit of knitting, would love my other sock to be finished this weekend, im so blooming close yet so far away!

And tomorrow bright and early i have my very first driving lesson for


Wish me luck

Rach x


JO SOWERBY said...

blog friends can be the best rachel, so good to see u enjoying urselves. hope uve finished the sock,
Jo xxx

Claireliz said...

Awww, Rachel, I love the fact that you think I'm normal lol, it was a fab day & can't wait until the next get together :D

Jo said...

Hope the driving lesson went well. Looks like you had a lovely day with your 'new' friends. You can find so many like minded people in blog land and everyone's so friendly too.

Libby said...

What a delightful day. So jealous. Maybe one day I'll get to join you :-).

Libby said...

I meant to add that home looks so lovely in the photos. Like I place I'd love to hang out. And I hope the driving lesson went well.


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