Friday, 25 March 2011

Glorious Friday

Hi guys wow its friday, cant tell you how happy I am its friday, been a bit of a beast of a week and i am glad the weekend is just hours away.

I dont feel like i have been able to get anything done this week, i like to be productive on the evening to balance out the whole work/life business but this week i have been a bit useless, massive list of things to do, great intentions on a morning and i get in and do next to nothing.

I have to say a good chunk of our evening has been dominated with these gorgeous girls, not that we might of course, but they are a bit fast when you are trying to knit too lol

Olive is super tiny, loads smaller than Wilma and we arent sure why, she is def the quieter one.

Wilma on the other hand is a bit crazy, she likes to dig, mainly on our jeans or on the blanket we have on the sofa when they come in.

We are really pleased with how they are getting on and im looking forward to spending some time with them in the day at the weekend.

So i said i would come and show you the work i did for the march kit for Sarahs Cards, this literally was my favourite kit, i did however order all of the papers about 3 days before the kit arrived not knowing what thats months was doh fail!

I love this photo, the thing about scrappers is we love to take photo's but its often tricky to get everyone in, we have great fun at the cabin in the woods with the self timer but it was great at Laura's wedding to have all of our guys there to take photos too.

I did a bit of hidden journalling about how awesome my gal pals are.

I cant believe its been 2 years since out southern road trip 2 years!!!!!! seriously thats just mental! I love this photo and all of the photos SJ took on our little photo shoot i wish she lived closer so we could have a cute engagement shoot, but more about that later.

Lots of layering going on here as ever, and i am really into these American Crafts flower things they are cute cute cute!

So an update on project wedding, we went to see our very first venue this week which was a little soon i admit, it was a gorgeous barn, they had just started doing weddings, it was such a pretty room but missing some key things we wanted, like gorgeous grounds.

So onwards and upwards, this weekend i have my lovely old uni friend, her husband and their gorgeous daughter coming to visit tomorrow, im planning some scrapping before that.

On sunday i have my very first driving lesson in 10 years (where is the time going) so that will be interesting, then my mama and Robs mama are coming for a bit of a potter in the garden, then im hoping i can convince them to leave the wellies behind and head to a wedding fair thats near by.

Sound like a plan??

One final pic of the stash i ordered the other day, have you been to see all the new sarahs stuff yet? they have studio calico, the cutest journalling spots like what i did for the give away and tons of yummy new papers, now if i could just quit my job, to play with paper, bunnies and wool all day then i would be very happy!

Enjoy your friday!

Rach xx


Jo said...

How exciting to be planning a wedding, it seems years since I was doing that. In fact it is years, we will have been married 21 years this year. I know what you mean about having nice grounds, we had our reception at The Mansion in Roundhay Park which was wonderful for photos. I wouldn't have got anything done all week either if I had those baby bunnies to play with. One of our's was much smaller that the other when we got them, but he caught up eventually and is now the bigger of the two.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Crunchie it's Friday!! Lovely stash haul from Sarah's, I'm forward planning for my birthday next month. Have a lovely weekend with your bunnies xx

Sarah said...

Lovely LOs, as usual!!! Sarah's Cards def has some yummy stash in, I managed to spend loads, will blog what I got later when I get a minute. Enjoy the weekend with your new bunnies, they are very cute!!

Claireliz said...

cute bunnies & lovely layouts Rachel, glad to hear the wedding plans are on the go (excited for you :D)


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