Monday, 21 March 2011


We are completely addicted to these little bunnies, work was a DRAG today but coming home to these little cuties perked it right up.
Wanna see how cute they are?

Obvs they are cuter in real life. Our favourite bit is late at night when they are sleepy and fall asleep all cuddled up to each other and fall asleep.
We are finding that Wilma (Grey) is a little bit more confident than Olive, and she likes to dig lol.

As promised yesterday I can now show you the missing page for the Doc Jan 2011

This is the lovely Homemaker Cosmo papers which are just too cute, the journalling is about how we felt on our very first day.

Right aiming to be back tomorrow with the other pages i did for the kit, but now a quick couple of rounds on my socks and then a early night, what is it about monday's that leave you so blooming tired?

Thanks for stopping by
Rach x

p.s CLAIRE!!!! are you out there, i didnt get a email you said you sent, can you try again please


Libby said...

Oh, my, they are even cuter on video. Love their eyes, and ears. I am DEFINItELY not showing this to my girls :-).

Christine said...

So so cute, I don't think I would get anything done having them at home! :-)

Jo said...

Awww, the bunnies are just so cute, and so tiny. Our's are so big that they hardly fit on your knee anymore.

Claire said...

They are so cute and fluffy!

I've resent my email to the address on your blog, don't know what happened to the last one! If it doesn't arrive then you can get me on x

Claireliz said...

Lovely LO & super cute bunnies Rachel.

Lizzie said...

No wonder you're smitten with those dear little bunnies. They are super-cute!
A friend has a bunny (there were 2...), who lives in the house and is allowed out when there's someone home. She hops up on the sofa, climbs in your lap and demands cuddles. She is the softest, soppiest bunny... They have always handled her a lot (and her brother...) and she is amazingly tame. She's a great pet - I hope your bunnies are as lovely as Cassie!

Sarah xx said...

Awwwwwwwww SUPER cute bunnies!!! xx

JO SOWERBY said...

that video is so cute, such lovely bunnies. i miss mine, he got adopted by some friends children but hes still going at well over 10 years old
Jo xxx


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