Sunday, 20 March 2011


The tiny, the gorgeous Wilma and Olive
This is Wilma

and this is Olive
We have had a great day with them today, they stayed in the house in there little carry case whilst Rob built the hutch.

I have the cutest video ever if i an figure out how to upload, but for now photos, lots and lots
Olive taking a few steps out
Gorgeous Wilma
Beautiful Olive


I cant tell you how good it is to have pets again!
So do you love them? we are completely smitten already.

We did really well and let them settle in for a while, then later we brought them in for cuddles, they laid out and fell asleep on our knee, it was just fabulous.

Right bed time, and sure i will jump out of bed so i get to see my little bunnies before work.

Night x


gwyneth said...

They're both absolutely gorgeous Rachael. Congratulations on your engagement too,I'm just catching up !!

Jacey said...

They are so cute!! I love the names you have chosen for them. xx

Sarah said...

Aww, very cute...enjoy them!x

Jo said...

Awww, they're gorgeous, so much smaller than my huge rexes. I love their names too.

Sarah xx said...

Oh Rachel they are just adorable, cute names too. Hope you have lots of fun and cuddles with them xxx

Libby said...

SOOOOO cute. I've never heard of lap bunnies before :-). Need to make sure my girls don't see the bunny photos - they'd love a bunny.


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