Sunday, 20 March 2011

Jan Doc 2011

Jeezz i am really behind with my Doc 2011, but determined to catch up, so i have finally located my January pages to show you.

i have decided to go for the 2 main feature pages and the 6x4 wallets

Our kitchen was the first thing to be finished in the house in January, and we completely love it, its so big and i love the work tops and the big window and the wooden blinds, everything !

I cant show you my other page as its for the March Sarahs Cards kit but i can early next week when its been shipped out. But these are my 6x4 pages, they arent great and i am getting a bit better, they are harder than they look.

We loved Camping out the very first night, first photo of us together at our door taken by my MIL after a super tiring day, our lovely empty kitchen, Dad and Rob doing DIY.

For the first month we had no blinds at our bedroom window (its ok on the 3rd floor) and this is the sunrise which greeted us most mornings, We had our works christmas party in january and lovely heather came along too yay, my scrap room also got back into some sort of order.

So there you go, im behind on feb so going to try and get my skates on with that.

I thought i havent shared the page i did for the retreat have i? The lovely vanessa designed this gorgeous class and this is my interpretation of it.

I love this range of Cosmo, Togetherness its so lovely, as is my gorgeous godson.

We made a mad dash up home in the week and managed to squeeze in some Elijah cuddles
He was super excited about my wedding and proceeding to chew my wedding magazine my friend had bought me.
Hes also learnt to crawl since i saw him last month, its so cute to see his big nappy bum wiggling across the floor,

Uncle Rob also got some cuddles.

Then we headed to my Parents to show them by big fat Rock, and we ate our body weight in Yorkshire Puddings, my dad makes the best ones in the world.
We had a little wedding chat which was nice if not a bit strange lol

Then we went to Granny and Granddads, and then back on the motorway!

So its been a pretty darn awesome week, there is great news just popping up everywhere and I'm so excited !

What i am also excited about is the fact i am about to leave to go and pick my tiny baby bunnies up yay!

I aim to be back later with photos and to tell you the names i have picked.
Though they might be far too cute to leave to blog lol

thanks for stopping by
Rach x


Jo said...

How exciting to be picking up your bunnies, can't wait to hear the names you've chosen.

Claireliz said...

Fab pages Rachel, Thanks for lovely day at yours yesterday, I'm still oohing & aahing over your mini muffins :D Can't wait to see the bunnies.


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