Sunday, 10 April 2011

February 2011

I have to admit I love the idea of Document 2011, i love what my friends have done with the project last year but man i am struggling to keep up.
The 2 12x12 pages are easy, but its the little page of 6x4 that bugs me, but in theroy thats the i like the best coz it reminds you of all the little things that happened not just the main events.
So after just one month of a 6x4 full page i have moved onto a 10x12 pocket protector page.
So this is what i got up to in February

This is actually i sketch i did for Sarahs Cards and i might possibly have shown you already but hey im showing you again!

Feb was all about Elijah lol we dont get to see him too often and we were completely smitten by him. This page is all about how i want to be a good Godmother to him and how i worry he wont know who i am as he gets a little bigger.

And now my 6x4 pages, these are so hard to photograph

Spring started to arrive, I finished my first jumper, our house started to look homely, we put the fence up, my mam came to visit and we cooked the whole world.

We started to research bunnies, i started to make socks, Elijah played with toys, SJ sent me a awesome bag, and a little round up.

So there you go, my 6x4 pages arent great but im going to keep on going, and just a little shot of what i have been missing by spending the day at my desk, i have to admit my desk needed a massive clean up.
Our garden isnt quite there yet but we are chuffed with the amount of sun we have been getting in the garden, the bunnies are nicely tucked in the shade.

Right i best dash as i have another driving lesson in 15 mins

Thanks for stopping by
rach x


Claireliz said...

Gorgeous pages Rachel, lovely colours :)

Hannah said...

I really like that combination of divided page protectors...I've been experimenting too! I think overlapping is the key!! x


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