Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Proposal

So it thought it was about time i shared the Proposal with you, given that i have now scrapped about it lol

So this particular weekend, the weekend my friend Emily was staying actually, I got the bus into town on the sunday to drop Emily off at the station, Rob text earlier to say lets go out for tea, this was a little odd for us i guess.
So i meet Rob and its got really sunny so he suggests we go further afield than town, at this minute im kinda thinking well the car is parked at the other side of town and the bus is right here but anyway i went along.

So we drive off and head for Street Lane, which is a nice area of bars and places to eat, on the way we approach Roundhay Park which is near where we lived and we used to go to lots.

So he randomly turns off and says oh its still sunny lets go to the park.

Now I'm all for going to the park but is always me that asks, as we got out the car, he commented my nails looked nice painted, this isnt odd Rob is a fan of painted nails.
So off we went, on our usual route.
We approached one bandstand, and he was hovering, then people came so we went to another, but had to go on the grass, i was a bit like erm i have my work shoes on and they are getting muddy!

So then we sat on the band stand overlooking the lake.
right here to be exact
By this point he is acting a little odd, he moves my bag off my knee and just starts acting funny.
Its at this point i notice he doesnt have his work clothes on, but has changed into smart boy clothes. Then he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him.

So there you go this is my proposal page all scrapped. Used a ton of new stash which is all yummy!

Im so pleased we took photos, even if they are just phone photos and even though my hair needs washing and i have no make up on i am glad we took them, as there are a few other cute stories to tell/document.

Yesterday i booked a sneaky day off, Rob was off work too so we went back to 'the park' and did our save the date photos, which are looking awesome, thanks to the help of the 2 of my chums, all to be revealed soon enough.

Today we are meeting a few friends in town for engagement drinks and a meal, its very rare we mix friends, Rob really doesnt like doing it but we are having a mini wedding practise of mixing, school, uni, work, knitting, friends.

Im sure if will be great, and especially given that its super gorgeous and sunny day again!

I cant get enough of this sunshine, hence the lack of blogging.

Right i best clean the bunnies out and then doll myself up!

Have a lovely sunny saturday x


Claireliz said...

Love your layout Rachel, fab engagement story, Roundhay Park is lovely, haven't been there in years.

Abi said...

This is such a sweet story! gave me goosebumps! It is lovely to have that record of such a special moment on a LO and on the blog! thanks for sharing Abi xx

Jude said...

Aw, that is so sweet..... My DH told me to catch, chucked a box at me and said "That cost me a months wages, you have to marry me now"..... LOL. He is the least romantic person I know, but if you are half as happy as we have been, you will be fine. Good luck. Jude.x PS. Don't think I've commented before but just wanted to say I love your blog! :-)

Scraptastic Mel x said...

This is a great story. My husband was the same - suddenly acting very odd and taking me to a very isolated area of the park etc...Poor boys!
Loving the page too!

JO SOWERBY said...

aw rob is awesome and perfect husband material. u both deserve a gr8 engagement and wedding. have a lovely evening
Jo xxxx

Jackie xxx said...

What a fab story ... have a great night xxx

Katie said...

Such a lovely proposal story - thanks for sharing. And it's awesome that you got photos. I'm still disappointed that there are no photos of me and my hubby from when we got engaged - I wasn't a scrapbooker back then - I'd never let that kind of photo opportunity pass me by these days!
Can't wait to see what you have done for your Save the Dates.

Libby said...

Loved hearing the story of your engagement and how wonderful to scrapbook it so soon after the event and have some photos. So wish I'd been blogging and taking more photos way back when I got engaged - over 20 years ago :-).

Jo said...

Very romantic, and Roundhay Park is the perfect place to be proposed to.


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