Monday, 11 April 2011


Its not often i go out in town for drinks, which is probably why i nearly fell over when i was charge £5 for a bottle of cider, but it was a special occasion.
So on saturday I headed into town (yes town on a saturday crazy) to meet up with some of my chums for a few engagement drinkies.

Some pricey Tiger Tiger drinks, i think this place is quite cheap but clearly i got after work when it is happy hour lol
So these are the girls, its been really strange mixing friends, school friends, work friends, new friends, uni friends, but we are trying to do it so its not so strange at the wedding lol.

It was great to catch up with old work friends, so many of the friends leave work and i never see them again but its great to keep in touch!

My oldest friend

Some of Robs old school friends

More school friends

Crafty Friends

So yes really awesome afternoon/evening.

Today has been a bit of a odd day, our systems went down at work so been a bit of a tricky day, but i was brave today and knit the whole way to work, most of my lunch hour and all the way home, so my Monster is looking pretty cool now.

Off to do a bit of tricky knitting before Rob gets home, oh and maybe some baby bunny cuddles too.

Speaking of which how about a few cute photos?

Morning routine is they get their breakfast and a quick cuddle.

Olive is still the timid one but is getting a little bigger now, sturdy as my mam would say!

Wilma always wants to know what is going on

They have just turned 11 weeks, fun fact, the bunnies were born on the day we moved in our house. How fate like is that?

And with that i shall go
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JO SOWERBY said...

aw the engagement party looks fun and yes bottled drinks are expensive. much cheaper to buy it on tap. glad u both had such a wonderful time. ur bunnies r so cute you could snuggle up to them for hours. u should have seen my persian cat this pm. running around like the mad april hare she was.
Jo xxx

Jo said...

Those bunnies are so cute. Looks like you had a lovely time on Saturday, nice to get all your friends together.


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