Saturday, 5 February 2011


Not quite real internet but we have figured out how to make it work, it works in the bedroom (which is where i am) without the laptop or the dongle charging. So its very exciting, i still cant upload too many photos or anything as it eats into our usage-ness.

But i managed to scrapbook earlier this week/ last week and finally able to share it with you, its a bit different for me, i dont tend to do a lot of journalling but i found some really old photos in the move that required lots of journalling.

This is the story of the Pink Jumper, i bought this when i was in America in 2004 doing Camp America, we and Rob had only been together 6 months when i left. I bought this jumper in Dellaware i think it was and rob completely lovely it when i got home, i wore it none stop. I just love this photo, rob looks so young and i cant believe his hair was ever that long. This photo must of been just after i got back because im still brown so like september 2004.

I thought it was a photo worth documenting.

So its finally the weekend, i think the first one where we can kinda chill out, well rob is working today so so far i have battled with the internet, let some random builder men in the garden whilst in my dressing gown (doh) caught up on Quints by Surprise which is one of my new fave programmes, erm watched some Disney Channel and done some knitting.

Just waiting for my mam to arrive, she is coming to see how pretty things are, and do a spot of knitting and she is gonna be cooking with me, we are going to prepare some freezer meals, coz im sick of tea time taking half my evening.

hope you have a lovely saturday.
rach x


Claireliz said...

love that page Rachel

Scraptastic Mel x said...

Cute layout! I lvoe finding old pics and scrapping them as it brings back so many memories.

Sarah xx said...

Oh look - how sweet and loved up are you two???
Sounds like you are settling in well to your new home - hope you are very happy there xx

Libby said...

Cute layout. Isn't it fun being able to scarp the old photos? Hope you have a great relaxing weekend.


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