Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A soggy problem

So as you know we love our house but the garden is erm....
Well look

-It's a bit wet! (aware we are lucky to have garden at all)

So yes the garden is on a slope and it needs rotering (sp) but trying to get them to do it has become a bit of a nightmare!

But anyway at the weekend w had a bash at putting the fence up, well we could only do a bit given the slope which needs to be sorted oh yes and the fact there is a drain on our boundary so we would have to cut a hole in the fence :(
Anyway a few snaps

Oh yes didn't I mention we got them from someone on the street who is moving out (yes and not leaving the fence) so we got it dirt cheap.

Will soon paint the nasty orange

Note stupid drains we have 3 in our garden 3!!!!!!
I took thus whilst literally being stuck in the mud, my wellie came off and everything :(

So there u go a muddy fee hours in the garden!

If anyone has any ideas how to make it less soggy pls tell me, even the woman we got the fence from had been there since august and hers was still gross!!

On that note I shall continue my bus journey and o home and cook as we have visitors tonight!

Over and out
Rachel x

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Claireliz said...

hope you get the garden sorted & why on earth would you move & not leave the fence for the new people?:D Then again I hate my neighbours so when I move I'll be taking the fences lol

JO SOWERBY said...

as a youngster we spent alot of time with muddy gardens like urs, once the grass goes down it'll be fine rachel, be patient. my parents had a huge raised up thing at the bottom of their garden and they've now made it into a beautiful feature with a fountain. i had similar problems with a concrete yard but I just had lots of amazing plants in colourful pots to cover them up.
Jo xxxx

Kazzy said...

How much mud?!!!

Stick with it...it'll dry up eventually then you can lay some turf (April is a good time usually)


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