Thursday, 3 February 2011

Internet blues

I miss it, how couldn't I? The dongle has died a horrid death so all I have is my little phone.

There is no Internet end in site either.

This week has been a bit mixed, I had a horrid day on Monday, its always going to be bad when you have had to walk 30mins before 9am! Or when I yoghurt explodes in your bag and does this

To a LIBRARY book, :( gonna cost tons to replace it's all pink and smells and it's not even a very good book! The yoghurt ruined my notebook all the housey measurements were in and made a big old mess in my bag!

So whilst feeling throughly sorry for myself I get a message from lovely Sj saying she had a bag that was slightly damaged and did I want it???? Erm yes! Not just any bag but the cutest bag ever! She didn't even know about the yoghurt incident yet here she was offering me a free bag I had wanted for ages! To say this cheered me up was a understatement. So on Wednesday I skipped off to pick up my bag

LOVE IT! Have u ever seen a bag that is more me? No me either

So what else? Oh yes gorgeous sunrise on Wednesday

This is outside my front door lush huh!

On Wednesday we (well Rob) finally handed over the old house so just hoping we get our deposit back now!
And my dad came up to do some dad jobs, I was at work but he did everything on my list

-It mainly included cutting roller blinds and hanging them yay!

However I didn't see it all finished till later as I went straight from work with Natalie to see this little fella

This is baby Brandon and baby number 14 of the 2010 babies!
He's such a cutie! After a
Few cuddles me and Rob went to see Tangled which was awesome, what wasn't awesome was the giant orange Wednesday queue and missing the first 20 mins but fab anyway!

Right tonight I am going to scrap with my March Sarahs kit and catch up on tv and knit. This is probably our first knit just chilling and I'm excited. We even have left overs so I don't have to cook!

Thanks to all who keep reading in my iphoned state I know it's not great.

Bye for now

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Heather said...

I miss lunchtimes with you :(

Amanda said...

yuk about the yoghurt but wow what a cool bag from sj its fab :-) look forward to seeing your creations with the march kit

Nicola said...

Wow, what a list! Poor Dad!

Libby said...

I'm just glad you've got the i-phone so you can still keep us updated with what's going on in your life. How cool you got a new bag after the yoghurt incident. It's soooo cute and so you :-).


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