Sunday, 20 February 2011


Hi anyone out there? im sorry my blog has been a bit naf lately but we are hoping for normal internet from friday hurray. I can listen to Spotify again, upload to photobox again, blog properly again.
So i thought i would share with you a couple of pages i did over at the Sarahs Cards blog using My Little Shoe Box

You are read all about the story behind the photo on the blog.

here is another using the same range Sunday Market

An old pic but one of my favourites.

So this weekend has been a great one, saturday i mostly sat in my scrappy room getting no where fast but today we were up and working in the garden all the good photos are on the other camera but we also had a visit from this little man.

Gorgeous Elijah came to visit yay! Obviously with his mam and dad lol

I hadnt seen him for 2 months which is shocking, he has now just turned 7 mths and he can sit up, he is super close to crawling too.

Doh for being blurry

I had some lovely cuddles

So did Uncle Rob, Elijah was a good boy and only dribbled on Uncle Rob, he must have known i had made my jumper myself and rob hadnt lol

Group hug! look at Eli's cheeky face.
Oh did i mention i have red hair? yeah bought a dye turned out pretty darn red but i am enjoying it, not sure how it will look after a few washes but currently i'm still getting a shock when i go past a mirror.

Right i really want to do a bit more on my socks before bed and its already 11.30 so best dash.

Thanks for stopping by
Rach x


Libby said...

I always love your layouts. You have a great eye for putting it all together.
Cute baby.

rainbow88 said...

Lovely owls jumper!! Hope to see it properly soon. And glad to see you're getting on well with the socks - the yarn is truly gorgeous. Cute Elijah too :) xx


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