Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A real knitter

So I have been thinking of the idea of making socks for like .... A week lol I tried once with dpns I didn't much like it buy this time I am going to try magic loop and failing that 2 needles!
So I bought some wool, but I bought the nicest wool ever! I'm not one for fancy wool it's not 99p either but I am no yarn snob but I know my sis knits with this and it was pretty so I did it

I bought Jitterbug which was pricey but I bought it from the supplier at about midnight on monday night, by 9.30am I had a shipping email and it arrived today. Nothing beats quick shipping seriously!!
My new tiny thin needles also arrived today which were bought at the same time from P2tog they are always sooo fast.

So I shall take my wool to knit night tomorrow and wind it into a real ball (someone will have to teach me first) and then I will have to learn to make socks.
Scary but exciting! There are only a certain amount of hats and gloves you need but being as I have the coldest feet in the universe socks will be grand!

So last night whilst watching The Social Network ( great film) I cracked on with my Reading in bed Shrug, I've messed up a few times when my concentration waived but likely it so far, just another repeat and the rib to go.

It's dark grey, this is my desk at work lol needs must!

So tonight I plan to finish this whilst watching Eat Pray Love ( we got tons of films out from Blockbuster all due back tomo) and I need to sew my Owl eyes on which I bought yesterday.

In other news we had a cake sale at work in aid of Help the Heroes! We raised over £70 and have millions of cakes left for tomorrow hurray!!

Right shrug and owls and films calling!!

Thanks for stopping by, looking Forward to getting the internet back so I can catch up and comment on what everyone else is doing

Rachel x

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Kerry said...

I started off with dpns but once I discovered magic loop I haven't looked back.

A basic sock is pretty easy once you master the heel flap and picking up the gusset stitches. I am doing one at the moment which is toe up and I can honestly say I've never done one with shaping like it before.

My simple life said...

Love the wool, cant wait to see how socks get on. :)

mooncalf said...

Good luck! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Nicola said...

I believe if you can knit an owls jumper - or any jumper, you qualify as a 'real knitter'! Love the jitterbug, let me know if you need help! xx


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