Friday, 25 February 2011


So no Internet! Boooooo! No idea what happened and don't really believe they will come again when they say they will.

So what is my news I hear you cry????
So you might remember a while back I did a post called Bunny v Kitten! Well I had an amazing response and we have decided we are going with bunnies.

So tomorrow we are going to pick out two bunnies, mini lops to be exact. They are still tiny so won't get them for a month or so.
But this is what they will look like

Seriously MELT!!!

I'm excited but can't quite believe it either. So tomorrow will be a seriously exciting day. We are hoping to get 2 girls any name ideas be fab.

Right off to catch up on the mountain of tv we have, sadly due to lack of Internet I can't show you my Owl jumper but I wore it to work today and nearly melted but everyone liked it yay!

Rachel x

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Anne said...

Oh! Bunnies! My little bun Miffy is the most affectionate adorable thing ever. Are they going to be house bunnies or live in the garden? I have lots of tips for house bunnies - let me know if you want them!


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