Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mad dash!!

Hi guys, thanks for your comments on my socks I haven't posted them coz it's hard on my phone, but I'm due to finally get the internet tomorrow!!!!!

So as mentioned yesterday today was the sale at BRE.

Last time I went to the sale I got all the wool to make my Owl jumper! So this time I decided I couldn't wait till after work, so I hot footed there on my lunch break.
It was a mad dash but I got there by 12.20! It was a gorgeous day so I took photos on the way.

Sunny sunny warm warm!!!

& I made it. You never really know what is going in the sale so it's not like you can think right I want to make this I need 5 balls of this. So you kinda just have to buy randomly.
So here is what I got

This pretty ball, they have a pair of mitts knit in this (1 ball) so ball one.

-This is worsted weight 3 balls no idea what to make. Any ideas??

Oohh pretty! I got 3 balls of this in buttery yellow I had the choice of that or grey but I went for yellow ( rob doesn't like the yellow)
So on my journey back to work I went on ravelry to see what I could make with my 3 balls. I spotted that someone had made the February Ladies Sweater. I had been wanting to make this for a while so I figured out( with the help of my twitter friends) I would need another 5 balls, so I rang them up and asked them to keep another 5 eeekk bit naughty!
But figured rather that then making another hat or gloves or cowl not that those things arent awesome.
So here is what it looks like together

Pretty huh! Well I think so anyway!

So there you have it. I have made more sock progress and even tried it on tonight yay!!

Hoping my next post will come live from the real internet where I can show you my finished Owls jumper yay!!

Hope your Friday is fabulous!
Rachel x

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Claireliz said...

Lovely wool & super speedy shopping Rachel


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