Sunday, 27 February 2011

The weekend

Are weekends not the greatest thing ever?? I think they are, I hate that I only have one day with Rob, one day he will have a job that doesn't involve weekend work. Can't imagine it's much fun for him. But anyway the day we did have together was a pretty fabby one!

Friday night was a boring trip to Tesco. Something I'm not sure I have mentioned about Rob is how much he loves cereal! Seriously he would probably rather have that over most meals! And Tesco have 3 4 2 on cereal so this is him choosing! Seriously at least 15mins in the isle every time.

Saturday we were woken super early by the builder men finally re surfacing our drive I don't have photos but I will. So given that I was up stupidly early (rob slept through) I did a bit of scrapping.

Then we headed off to see the breeder lady about bunnies!

It was a seriously gorgeous day yesterday well mixed with random rain and hail

We finally found the farm place and this is their view

Nice huh! It sure was windy up
There thou!

So we went in this bunny shed that had some seriously tiny bouncy bunnies and discussed the pros and cons of girls vs boys. We thought 2 girls as I had had 2 girls previously but she said they aren't normally and loving as boys and can be hormonal, and 2 boys might be agressive. So now we are thinking boy and a girl! Obvs get the boy fixed early on.

So then we looked/cuddled bunnies, I totally fell in love with a little blue one an happily cuddled her for ages,
Rob took a sneaky photo when the bunny woman left

This little guy is 4 weeks and was lush, so we have decided to go for a little brown one like this and a bluey! I don't think we will have this litter as they are ready a bit too soon.
We have to do some paving work in our swamp of a garden so we are picking them up on the 26th March!

After we left the bunny house we went for a Saturday treat


On the way home we stopped at B&M and I picked up these

Then home to do a bit more scrapping, I'm trying to use some old stash and catch up on
My Doc 2011! January is nearly done.

-I bought some cheap thickers from Sarahs this week.

I made a card for my neighbour as we were going round their house for birthday drinks

Turns out she was turning 27 not 28 she was rounding up doh!!
We had a nice few drinks and came home a bit merry

We then sat and watched 30 Rock which is our fave program!

So there you go a pretty awesome Saturday.

Today is action packed, I nee to tidy up as my friend from work and her 3 little girls all under 5 are coming some time this morning eekk! So have to child proof the house!
Then planning to finish my sock maybe pack a bit for the Sarahs cards retreat which is next week!!!

Then Robs family are coming over for dinner, I don't think I have ever cooked for 6 before!

Right I best shake a leg!

Thanks for visiting me x
P.s to the lady that asked they will be out door bunnies but hoping to litter train them so they can play inside too!

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Rachael Elliott said...

Looks like you are having a busy weekend Rachel!! Those bunnies looks so cute, better not show the girls or I will be getting ear bashed about getting one.
Enjoy your day today, hope the cooking goes alright :)

Claireliz said...

looks had you had a fab day, cute little bunnies too

Sarah said...

Can I point you to a forum: you can learn lots on here about looking after your new bunnies!
Also have you ever thought about rescue bunnies? They usually would come already spayed/neutured and vaccinated and there are lots wanting homes, rather than supporting breeding?

Northern Monkey said...

Sounds like a lovely day, I can't wait to see the bunnies you get, I'd love one but we can't really as we rent and I'd want a house bunny.

Have a great week!

Libby said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. So excited about your bunnies - they are so cute.

Candace said...

I turned my back for literally a few minutes over Christmas and my kids got the girl & boy bunnies out together.

At then end of January Smokey (blue dwarf lop) gave birth to 3 pups. Sadly we lost one at 17 days old and now the other 2 are just over 4 weeks old and are a lighter grey than Mom (Dad is pure white). They look just like the one in your photo - little grey balls of fluff.

There is a picture on my blog if you want to have a look.
I have somehow been pursuaded to keep the two new additions (we already have 3 bunnies & 3 cats)!


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