Sunday, 9 January 2011

Weekend Shenanigans

So this weekend as been all about packing,Rob had to work all of it so he could have the whole of next weekend off yay.
So while rob was at work i did a bit of this

oh yes and bit of this

Im feeling a little bored of boxes now, but we have made real progress over this weekend, the bathroom is all packed up with just essentials left, most of the kitchen is done, so getting there.

So last night after i was bored of packing i did a bit of this

A bit of frogging, i come across this whilst packing, i made it on January last year it was a Collo. While it was quite cute it was a bit pointless, so i spend blooming ages ripping it all out. Not sure what i will make yet but surely it will be more useless than what i frogged.

So this morning before the packing began i made a few notes

Moving is a big task, but here is the plan so far.

Friday morning- have walk around with forman
lunch time- get keys
do happy dance!!!!!!
Move in kitchen things that can go in cupboards and wont get in the way of the carpet men on saturday, we do plan on sleeping there on friday night we think.

Saturday- Carpet men arrive
as they gradually finish rooms we will sneak things in, like the bed, which we have to build.

Sunday- All systems go, everyone and his dog will arrive and ship everything over.

So thats our plan, my dad is also coming in the week to do some dad related jobs.

So as its getting close i thought i could look at a few pretty things.
AIm particularly excited about our kitchen so keen to get new things for that like this

This is by Joseph Joseph and is super cute, i gave in and i got it in red so it matches, it was £1.40 more but figured what the heck!

This is again Joseph Joseph, a potato masher, which looks cool but is the wrong colour and im not sure i can pay £12 when the one we have used forever was £1 from Wilko lol

These seem quite popular too, and it looks really cute, i cant help but think it looks a bit like a poop a scooper lol, great for dishing up pasta etc

I really like the look of these, but they dont really go with our red and duck egg blue kitchen and im worried that excessively bright kitchen bits will look a bit tacky. We want our utensils hung on the wall so they have to look nice.

Joseph Joseph Chop 2 Pot Plus Chopping Board (Red) loads of my friends seem to have these and im quite tempted.

I also just ordered my moving home cards, which the lovely SJ designed, i will show you them once they have been delivered. ohh tiny font!

I also might have ordered this fabby photo to go on my wall, no idea which wall but a wall
Love this photo of all the scrappies and all the scrubbies, minus Jen (who was about to pop at the time), Laura has some awesome wedding pics go and see

So thats what i have been up to this weekend, tomorrow is our 7 year anniversay (OMG) so we are having a night off and going out for a meal and to the cinema.

Off to go and watch Blind Side now, Ive heard its a good one. If you have spotted any cute/practical kitchen/house stuff i need it know about then link it up.

Now if everyone can keep their fingers crossed that i have the fasted working week in the history of the world.

bye 4 now


Northern Monkey said...

That kitchen stuff is all great but I wouldn't pay that for a potato masher either!

Moving is rubbish but it will be great when you're in your new house, focus on the goal!

Laura said...

Wishing you all the best for next week Rach! Let me know your new address asap! xxxx

Christine said...

You are super organised, it will all go like a dream :-)

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

wowww, moving is such a big pain! It sounds like you're getting everything done and being so organized though, good luck with everything!
Happy anniversary to you and your hubby!!


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