Friday, 7 January 2011

Christmas Makes

Hi gang, thanks so much for all of your lovely comments in my last post, we are feeling super duper excited and cannot wait to be in eeekkk, and yes of course i will show photos.

So i thought as its finished object friday i would finally show you some of the things I made for people for christmas.

As you may have gathered i made lots of quilts, i couldnt make everyone one but im happy with what i did first up.

This is a little baby quilt i made for my friends baby Lydia,

This is my sisters quilt, she asked me for one a while ago and i was like hhmm no im not shipping a whole quilt to Australia but then i figured its actually quite light, and light presents are always high on the list when sending them to auzzie land.

There is a funny story to go with my sisters quilt, so given she lives on the other side of the world, i wrapped it, then put it in a bag, in a bag in a bag, in a bin bag. So once it had travelled to the other side of the world it was looking a bit tatty! When my sis got in from work and found a half mangled bin bag on her door stop she thought it was rubbish, she then referred to it as 'the body bag' for the next couple of weeks lol.

This is the quilt i made for my friends baby Jack (who i met at xmas) and she sent me a super cute if not dark and blurry photo lol

Cute cute cute

I didnt actually take a photo of the quilt i made for Ethan (he is my cousins baby)

You can kinda see it, its a boy version to the one i made for Lydia.

This is Elijahs quilt, i was too poorly to see him at xmas so this is still sat in my parents house lol, i actually forgot to take a pic of this before i wrapped it, so had to unwrap it then re wrap doh!

Are you bored of quilts yet? just one more

This is the quilt i made for Heather, terrible photo i know but again last minute.

Right as for knits

This is lovely Fran with the lovely hair, wearing her lovely shroom christmas present!
this is me modelling it for ravelry

This is my little granny trying on her new christmas shroom yay! I find it pretty exciting that after all these years after my granny taught me to knit i can finally make her things.

Im not sure if i showed you this little guy
He was the monster i planned on knitting a million times for quick christmas presents, lol he was not quick, but im pleased with how he turned out and I hear Max (leannes baby) like him.

maybe i have shown you these too but these are the mitts i made for secret santa at work, they went down really well, i hear the person in question was inspecting them for mistakes as she didnt know if they were shop bought or not hee hee

This is the from norway with love hat, which is now my 3rd i have knit and this is probably the only one that fits properly, i made it for my big sis as she is off skiing this month, this is her modelling it.
Finally this is a Boneyard Shawl i made for my MIL, it was finished as i sat in the car outside her house on boxing day doh!

She really liked it so thats fabby.

This is a little paper crafting something i made, its not often i make things like this but here it is

I got a polystyrene tree shaped erm tree from the local craft shop, and easy peasy i punched out some fun circles with my martha stewart punch and pinned them in place with some pretty pins, easy peasy and cute.

So there you go thats it all, so maybe you can see why I was a little off making things lol, but i am pleased to say that my hat i am making is nearly finished.
I have a knitting pattern question actually,

do you think this means,

until it measures 6 1/2 inch from the pattern repeat or the very start rib wise, im just not sure, and i havent made any mistakes yet so im unsure.
Next rnd: Begin Right Diagonal Stich Pattern. Work until piece measures 6½" from beginning, ending with Rnd 2.
Next rnd: Repeat Left Diagonal Stitch Pattern until piece measures 8½" from beginning, ending with Rnd 2.

Right well there you go, and its friday, tomorrow i am actually going to do some scrapping, given that my christmas photos have arrived.

Hope you liked seeing my christmas makes
rach x


Tami Klockau said...

Holy smokes, you have been BUSY! I LOVE the quilts, as I am learning how to sew and can't imagine making something that beautiful right now. Everything you made is amazing.

Gertie said...

I would do 6.5 inches from beginning of rib,ending on a 2nd row of pattern and then the last bit until it reaches 8.5 inches ending on 2nd row of pattern.
Suppose it depends on how slouchy you want it but I think if you were to measure from beginning of pattern if might be tooooo slouchy.

Lovely quilts,must dust off my sewing machine.

Good luck with the move


Tink said...

Love the shroom hats :)

Affiknitty said...

Wow! You have been busy! Your quilts and knits are great, you are multi-talented!
As for your knitting question, I'm not sure without seeing all of the instructions, but usually when directions say something like "continue until item measures 6" from the beginning" it means measure from the very beginning, i.e. the cast on row.
Hope this helps!

CloseAcademy said...

The purple hat is really pretty.

Aimee said...

Wow, impressive work all around! Your granny looks so pleased with her hat-- you must be so proud!

Kathleen said...

So many projects, and I love all of them! Your quilts are beautiful, and I love the way the monster and the hearts-hat turned out. :D

Susanne said...

How lucky all those family and friends are to have you in their lives and that you were able to find the time to make each and everyone of them a gift. Heavens, but you have been a busy gal!! Very nice work, your labors of love and caring.

Nicola said...

Time to make some things for yourself sis! Funny seeing my bodybag quilt in the snow, it is currently sweating it out in 34 degrees over my settee! Love it thank you xx

Scraptastic Mel x said...

Fab quilts. I can see why you haven't had as much time to scrap!! I love, love, love the heart hat too! Cute!

Leah said...

The quilts are gorgeous! What great presents :)

Amanda said...

Your quilts are fab love looking at what you make you have been a bit of a busy bee

Hope the move goes well glad you finally got a date :-)

Jenny said...

Looks like you've been uber busy! I know have a huge urge to make quilts! Congrats on the moving date, heaven's knows you've waited long enough

Jenny said...

Wow, Rach, that is some amount of crafting! I love the quilts!! Jenny x

mooncalf said...

Great crafts!

And, as other have said, the pattern means you to measure from the very start of the ribbing each time.

Otherwise you'd end up with something more like a sleeping bag than a hat!


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