Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Hi gang, so 2 days to go and I'm not sure I'm ready!
Wanna see how my craft room looks tonight?

-Yep so not very ready in this room! Rob is out for a couple of hours and wants to dismantle my desks when he gets in.

Erm!!!! Perhaps I can distract him with the shiny things I have been buying this week. Would show photos but I thought it best to leave everything wrapped up and I can share when it's in it's new house.

Well that was all just thought I would share my panic!

Best build some boxes and through some paper and wool in them ahhhh!!!

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Ali M said...

Hope the packing..and packing..and packing..goes well..looking forward to following your blog from yr new home..
All the best..

Jackie xxx said...

Just keep going love, you will get there. Happy packing. xxx

Claireliz said...

So did you get it all packed? I bet you're so excited. Will be thinking of you on Friday.


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