Wednesday, 12 January 2011

2 more sleeps to go

So today has been a funny old day, lots of house stressy things, shall we start with the carpet guys wanting to charge us a extra £350 coz the house was bigger than they thought! Or the solicitors saying if they put the money through (no idea what this means) and it doesnt go ahead on friday it takes 10 days for them to get it back! Erm today has been stressful!

I am pleased to say i emerged victorious from the carpet battle paying an additional £50.

So given my stressy day i was very pleased to go to lunch with my lovely chum Holly we went to Yo Sushi!
I have been for a while actually, and it was just what i need to calm me down a bit.

So with all this packing i cant but think about the last time we moved, it will have been 2 years in April cant you believe that, i wrote a similar post last time we moved here

So i thought i would take a little look back and see how this move is comparing
my desk is the old place being taken down
our big empty flat


the biggest mess ever

a very empty looking garden, and yes we plan on taking everything we planted and maybe some things we didnt, we would take our paint off the fence if we could but sadly not.

So last night i took some snaps on this move

last night i
packed my wool
put some new photos into some new frames
took a photo of our new fruit basket (BHS)
rob is really not loving the amount of heart shaped things we have for the new house, but i said they will be spread out so he will barely notice.

i had to get a photo of rob dismantling my desk
which looks awfully similar to the one i took when he as building it
Well perhaps he does look a little happier this time.

Right i best go before i get in trouble (yeah right) but still lots of pack not very much time to go, i think i keep forgetting that we have more than a day, normally when we move we have to be out that very day but we have ages but im a impatient so and so, so it has to be done!

i swear when we are all settled i will stop blogging photos of boxes.

thanks for stopping by
Rach x

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