Thursday, 20 January 2011

A scrappy decision

So on Tuesday came to the time to re build my desks, my corner desk is a bit of a beast. I had always planned the large back bedroom as my scrap room ever since we saw the show house. Then I saw the sun streaming in the front slightly smaller stranger shaped one. Then I got confused! So I did what I normally do when I'm confused, did a Facebook/twitter/text/Instagram poll! Most people said small and sunny so I was thrown.
This one ( sorry bad pics which do not show the rooms)

This is the sunny one

This is the not as sunny one!
But this one did have all my scrappy boxes in already.
After a bit of measuring (around the boxes) I decided that the corner desk would cause too many problems.
So I went with the bigger one and as I would be at work for 90% of the time when I was sunny I didn't mind.
So I am slowly unpacking boxes and turning it back into my room.

Progress is slow

But I am getting there slowly and I'm excited to see it all finished so I can sit and scrap in it.
In other house related news yesterday we had a mad dash here

We picked up 2 bathroom cabinets built and hung them, a red rug for my kitchen (super cute and cosy), the living room curtains were hung, mirrors went up, loads.
Today we have spent a while at the old house doing more sorting/cleaning etc but the outside lights also went up today and look fab.
Right I'm stopping for the evening and gonna read one of my 100 library books which have now been renewed about 100 times eekk lol
Back soon Rachel x

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ukspooch said...

Good decision on the room as I have a nice sunny room but it's too bright and glaring so have to shut my blinds - defeats the object really !

Libby said...

While light is great - space and being able to have everything as you want it is more valuable. I have to shut my blinds in the morning but the afternoons are okay so yes, rooms can be too bright.



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