Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Hi gang, so we have made some great progress over the last few days. On Wednesday morning I got all the kitchen in order, I haven't taken proper photos yet but will and will steal some proper internet to blog the finished photos.Here are a few pics I've taken over past few days


My dad in B&Q trying to figure out how to hang my living room curtains

Mam ironed my curtains then took them to work to have them hemmed, they are coming back tomorrow with the curtains. The curtains are one of the things I used to look forward to so very excited to get them hung up.

We got Sky fitted, Rob built our coffee table.

We cleared some space in the living room and can now sit on the sofa hurray.

I re found my new spatulas yay

Found my new cup! Lush!

This box I packed donkeys ago and very happy to find it.

Rob re built my desk (more about that tomo)
I will leave you with a shot of my lovely new Orchid from my ma n pa

I can't wait to see what tomorrows progress will bring! Hopefully get our house number up, splash back in the kitchen, mirrors and shelves up, start to unpack my scrap room.
Over and out
Rachel x

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Christine said...

It's all looking so lovely, all those great new things and so nice that all your family helps out. Enjoy your new home :-)

Rachael said...

Nice to see things coming together, can't wait to see the finished product photos especially of your craft room :)

Claireliz said...

How could you not show your craft room... you tease LOL, which did you pick I wonder, you never said on Twitter, can't wait to see. Your house looks really lovely Rachel, I'm really glad you're in & you love it


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