Friday, 21 January 2011


Who doesn't like boxes? And I'm not talking moving boxes.
I bought some boxes donkeys ago in Ikea and I have just built them today. They are pretty cool so I thought I would tell you all about them.

It's called the Kassett!

You get 2, I can't remember how much they are but surely not more than £7. They are super fancy coz they have to be screwed together, weird given that they are cardboard.

-They will store a 12x12 page prob not in a page protector but still.

And it fits on the Expedit! How awesome is that?? Be great for papers or wool or just junk you have lying around ( I have lots)!

So there you go get yourself to Ikea and pick them up in the boxy department (know the bit I mean).

I have a hour more of unpacking boxes then i best get ready for my Xmas party, I have organised it and the last couple so its bound to be fabulous. Though trying to arrange a venue when the age of the employes is 19-65 is tricky, turns out not everyone loved Tiger Tiger last year lol.

Right more boxes calling my name sadly not pretty ones lol.

Thanks Rachel
P.s anyone over iPhone blogging yet? I know I am but still better than nothing, I am reading my usual blogs but can't comment but I read.

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mooncalf said...

I have those boxes. The people who lived in our house before us left them behind. brand new, in the packaging and not made up. They left their kitchen knives too. I bet you could make cute little tags for the front slots on the boxes.

Sarah said...

I have those boxes too, in red!! they really are fab aren't they?!! Enjoy your party! x

Anne said...

It's lovely seeing your new home come together after so long waiting - you must be so pleased!

I can't get on with iphone blogging. I read, but commenting is such a pain. And if I blog with my iphone I can't fiddle with the photo sizes and stuff so easily. But handy for reading on the go! (and no, I'm not on the iphone typing this!)

Debbie said...

I'm on my iPhone now and I am commenting!! Tend to read all my blogs via my reader app cos my phone is ten times faster than my cranky laptop!! Need to save for a new one!

Libby said...

How great the boxes fit in your cupboard. Can't wait to see the finished room.



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