Saturday, 22 January 2011

Normality returns?

So today kinda started the same as every day this past week, get woken up by the builders about 7am ish doze a while, read fb, twitter, emails, instagram, get up wonder why i am aching all over and remember its because we hauled a wardrobe up and down stairs the day before.

However once we had been over the old house first thing with robs parents to get the single bed, once me and his mum had hung the curtains in my craft room (too cute) and Rob and his dad had finally got the alarm working. We just hung out, our go to room appears to be the kitchen. Its the most finished room and i love love love it, hoping to take pics tomo and show you.

So Rob let me use the internet dongle i did a bit of surfing, a tiny bit of shopping and had lunch.
We have kinda just been hanging out like that all day, getting up shifting/emptying boxes then going back to the TV or me catching up on internet things. And its finally starting to sink in, we live here! here in the gorgeous house! How lucky are we!

So that is by house talk for today, as you can see i am on a real computer (briefly) so i thought i would share a couple of things i have been meaning to show you but never did.

Did you guys see SJ's fabulous stamps on QVC yesterday??? I had taped it but watched when i got in and i was so super proud, i was like i know her like know her she's my friend very proud indeed.
So as well as creating stamps, friday giveaways/downloads,Musings etc Sj also found the time to design me this super awesome new address card.

How seriously cute is this?
mine obviously had the address on, so many people have commented on how cute they are.

What else, oh yeah, before i backed up i managed to do two pages, i have shown you the first but this is the 2nd
Im pretty sure i have told you about our christmas chair before but never mind. When we were little we always had a certain chair that our presents were left on, this last year was my last christmas eve in my parents house, now im a grown up i will stay here in our house. So i really wanted to document this, i sat at the top of the stairs (they are open plan) and took this photo from a very specific angle. This was there me and my sisters used to sit and peak down to see if santa had been. So there you go all documented for the rest of time.

So whilst i have been away internet wise, there have been lots of goings on in the world of Sarah's Cards, the retreat is creeping up fast i think its 6 weeks away maybe 7. And the classes are all fabulous, people are getting excited over on UKS with the chat thread which is great.

Also i found out i will be creating with the March kit (i loose track) which is the beautiful new collection from October Afternoon Modern Homemaker- erm hello very exciting, these are a few papers from the line.

How exciting, now im not sure which bits are in the kit but its all very yummy so im very exciting. Now i just need to find my cables for the camera for some real photos then i am ready.
Over the on the Sarah's Cards blog the fabulous Rachael has make a stunning class for you to play along with so go and check it out here.

Wow thats a lot of linkage, which i cant do on my phone so thought i would make the most of it, now the internet seems to have been a terrible distraction so i best go and build something.

Thanks for stopping by
Rach xx
p.s works xmas do was a very success i have a few pics but again cable/wire situation going on.


Nicola said...

What?! Ok, fine - ill sit on the landing on xmas eve on my own then! I refuse to have another xmas in this country! xx

Libby said...

LOVE the new home cards - seriously cute. And what a lovely Christmas morning story - it's so important, as you know, to have things like this documented. Glad you're getting settled into your home.



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