Sunday, 23 January 2011

Dream Kitchen

So before we moved in the kitchen was the one room i could see very clearly in my head. I am pleased to say that it looks exactly how i had hoped if not better. Wanna see?????

I love love my shelf which Rob and my dad did, Rob hung my new utensils holder, i managed to track down my super cute red utensils from M&S they are all shiny. My new xmas scales and strainer.

My lovely retro clock which is one of my newer purchases, most things we have had donkeys, the picture below is one of our favourites, its from Rob's favourite films. We love it its quite 50's and a subtle film poster.

Our lovely blinds which i have shown you, my moving in flowers bit the dust yesterday so it has been replaced with a lovely plant which keeps exploding into flower POW POW POW!

Aahh i love our kitchen table (sorry i love everything) I was so looking forward to sitting at a dining room table, in the old house we always ate our dinner on our knee in front of the tv, but now we sit at the table which means we move our plates straight away etc. Rob is setting up a tv in there too, its in the shot but not on the wall yet.

The table extends which is cool, we were a bit unsure on which size of table to get as we never really knew how big the kitchen was, so we are really pleased. I got the table runner from debenhams and the mats from there too. The rug is a red version of my lovely green on which is in nearly all of the photos, Ikea special, its a bit fluffy for the kitchen but i love it.

This is the view for the kitchen door.

This is a cute shelf thing from TK Max its the lovely worn wooden look i like, We werent quite sure the wall could handle this but it does. Its filled with some of my favourite things, my Home Sweet Home sign, the little blue jug, my red jugs, my Home blocks, and my chicken.

This was a housewarming present, he is a door stop but currently he just stands looking cute.

well i hope you liked seeing my lovely kitchen, this is our most finish room and we are really proud of how it is looking, tonight we have been putting things in the wall, photos, metal pretty things, hooks, yay so its really starting to look like home. Tomorrow is sadly back to work day, but we are chuffed with how much we have got done, i have to figure out the buses in the morning.
Right thats all for now
Rach x


Vicki said...

wow i love your kitchen - it looks amazing!!! so cute xx

Rachael said...

It is looking gorgeous Rachel, love all the bits you have collected right up my street!!

Northern Monkey said...

Your new kitchen is gorgeous, I'm not surprised you're proud, so you should be!

Louise Ingram said...

I love seeing your new home come together! This is the best bit - putting all your own touches in and making it your own. I hope you and your chap are very happy in your new place.

Clare said...

It looks great! Nice to see all of your purchases now have a place!!
Congrats, C x

Heather said...

Its looking really lovely Rachel & I bet you have loved every minute of it!

Libby said...

Looks like you're getting more settled in and making your house your home. Love the colour scheme of the red and blue.


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