Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Random pics

Hi gang just a lying visit of a few more housey pics, these are from the weekend, We were back to work yesterday and it sure was with a bump, we fell asleep on the sofa at 8pm and woke up at 11 doh! all plans to unpack etc out of the window! I must stay awake tonight lol.

i have more pics on the laptop but thats downstairs so what i have here will have to do lol

Rob getting a DIY lesson from my dad

Tiny bit of my beautiful living room curtains, i had to talk rob into them but they look fab even if they were a bit of a pain to put up, love love them. (check out the sunset too).
The living room is maybe the most unfinished room, but im hoping that will change tonight.

this is our awesome new sleigh bed, yay, we were supposed to build this on the saturday but bedtime kept rolling around and we couldnt be bothered, so my dad built it when he came on the monday yay hurray for dads!

Close up of our new bedspread, we are hoping to have the back wall bright pink, which was how it was in the show house and it looked awesome so quite a neutral bedspread was needed. (BHS if you wanted to know)

So thats it housey wise but finally
Me and my buddy Heather at the xmas do last friday, she wrote the sweetest post ever after the meal which made me miss her a million squillion. I got a pizza box of paper today and i always used to take it up to the staff room and she would oohh and ahh and today she wasnt there :( .
Although we now dont live as near as each other as we did we are doing well i have seen her twice on Jan which i think is pretty good, and surely she will come and visit me in my pretty house soon enough?

This was my meal we thought it would be funny as the steak was as big as my head lol. Everyone knows you should eat things bigger than your head but i did!

Right thats all for now, off to make some tea and hopefully make a fabulous cabinet and maybe watch last nights Glee.

thanks for stopping bye
Rach x


Sarah said...

Love those curtains!!! Thanks for sharing pics of your new housey....it looks fab!! x

Libby said...

Love the curtain and your bedding - which will look even more fab when you do your feature wall.


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