Friday, 28 January 2011


Hi all, wow what a week, possibly the longest, sleepiest week ever? As much as being off work is completely awesome it sure does take some some getting used to to getting back in the routine.
This week has not been productive, lots of early nights and falling asleep on the sofa, Rob has been a super trooper and doing stuff but me i kinda just sat and watched.

I do have more photos to share but they are on my phone and i have no idea where the cable to for my phone to my computer is poop!

So last night i finally returned to knit night, i havent been for 3 weeks nor picked up my knitting.When i did pick it up i found i only had 5 rows to do till my hat was finished, so i got my hat finished. Bit naf photos taken as i dashed out of the door to work so super close up sorry.
p.s having crazy internet probs this current dongle takes a million (yes a million) years to open a page so god knows what it will do when i dare to upload a photo and god forbid publish the blog post lol. (does a quick copy in case it does crash)

This is my All Day beret (sorry cant link it as that would involve opening another page). I used the fabby Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran which Heather got my for my birthday yum!

oh sorry got bored of waiting and wondered off!
So as you can see it has these super cool zigzag bits which is cute. I wore it today and it was great, was pretty chilly today though so maybe a february hat (please get warmer)

You might notice a tiny bit of Fair Isle poking out of my coat, now what is that?
i will tell you what it is!
Its my fabby jumper my Mam knit for me how cool is this
Its possibly the warmest jumper ever in the world

im nearly dont worry i havent shrunk, but i do now appear to look 14 lol

So the reason for my awesome jumper goes like this, when i was home in October me and my mam went through her super old patterns, i havent got around to blogging it but i will now. There were tons of jumpers i like, I am quite into navy so kept picking patterns i wanted, then i mentioned later i wanted a fair isle jumper so she came up with this.
This jumper is the very same one my dad had a long time ago, i must try and get the photo of him in it, he would have been younger than me.

So there you go, tonight i am home alone for the first time, so trying to do a bit more sorting out of my room which i just want to be done and pretty again, planning and watching 18 kids and counting which i have been taping all week, erm got quite a lot taped/recorded so best start them. i would like to knit too. I have also just received the March Sarah's Cards kit to work on which is scrummy and i got some blog work in the week so i best get a move on with them this weekend if i can.

Right much to do
Rach x
please post Mr Blogger please post!


Claireliz said...

Wow, you've been busy. Love your jumper. Happy scrapping & knitting

amy lapi said...

wow! those are both so great! xo

Nicola said...

Awesome jumper!


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