Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Date is set!!

We officially have been given a date! It's Friday 14th!!!!!

That's next week! So all systems go!

Some things I am super looking forward to it
It being warmer- it's fine here in the rooms but the hall and bathroom, kitchen are crazy cold

New stuff!- we have saved and saved so managed to buy new things like a new bed, a real dining room table etc and boy are we excited.

Garden- I can't wait to have a garden just there and not miles away from the house

Kitchen- our new kitchen is huge and gorgeous, I barely spend any time in ours now mainly coz it's cold and stupid.

Tons more things but I dont want to waffle. Despite this there are things I will slightly miss from this house. I really like the area and being so close to the park, I will miss the fireplace even thou the marble is ugly. I will really miss the stained glass but I guess this is why we are so cold.

Right that's tons of writing so best be on my way.

Keep your fingers crossed everything goes to plan!

Rachel x

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Chic Quilt Geek said...

Rachel that is absolutely fantastic news. I am so so pleased for you

Keeping everything crossed that it will be a smooth one xxx

Jacey said...

How exciting!! Good luck hope it all goes to plan. xx

TwinTrouble said...

Glad you finally got the date set for moving in... surprised if you'll sleep until then with all the excitement! :)

You'll be suprised at some of the nice places around here... bit of a trek to some but some lovely walks to be had! :)

Christine said...

Wonderful - new year - new home! :-)

Heather said...

Fantastic news! at last :)
I hope both of you will be very happy there xx

Claireliz said...

Yay Rachel! so glad you finally have a date, can't wait to see the photos

Rachael said...

Aw Rachel I am so pleased for you I bet you are sooooooo excited. Can't wait to see all the photos I know you are going to take lol.

Sarah said...

Good luck with the move, hope all goes according to plan.

rainbow88 said...

Great stuff! Hope you have a lovely easy move xx

rainbow88 said...

Great news! Hope you have a smooth move! xx

Sarah said...

So pleased you finally have a date!! Yay!!! Hope the packing and move all goes well! You will love your new house so much!! x

Donna said...

Soo glad you got a date you must be so excited! I moved into a new build last year... It still amazes me we live i'n such a wonderful house... ENJOY xxx

Debbie said...

I'm still so jealous of your 3 bathrooms!!

Jackie xxx said...

Hope all goes well with your move.

Libby said...

So happy and excited for you. Can't wait for you to show us around :-).



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