Wednesday, 5 January 2011


This is my new word, not of the year but of the moment. So as you may have read I have been a bit off my knitting, and its down to knitting like a mad woman in December. But i have started again, but something i am also taking on board is Balance. When i start a knitting project i tend to like to finish it straight away regardless of what else is going on around me. Or cast on a million other things at the same time.

Lately (ok this week) i have taken a bit of a review of this, whilst i was on my 'break' i realised how much i like reading and sitting with Rob and not knitting. So as much as i like knitting i am aiming to have a little more Balance in my life.

Its ok to go to the cinema and not think i could be home knitting, its ok to have a day or night off knitting. Its still not ok to go to work and not think about it though lol.

So i used my new yummy yarn that Heather got me for my birthday and started this, this is my WIP

I have had this on my list for ages seriously ages so i thought i would give it a try, a bit of a in between hat, not to warm for freezing but not pointless.

I started it on Monday and i'm pretty pleased with how i am doing, i still appear to have the right amount of stitches, i haven't had to knit loads together so to get the right number.
I am slowing down and doing it right yay!

So there you go, I think i might go and read a little of my book and then do a spot of knitting, i am also aiming for a early night. Im a lights off at midnight kinda gal but with stupid early mornings i cant really do it, every night i try but fail lol.

Maybe tonight is the night, i dont need to stay up and knit or even read i need to sleep.

Thanks for stopping by
Rach x


Gertie said...

Nice hat pattern Rach,may just have to pop that in my queue over at Ravelry...sheesh that queue is getting longer and longer!!

As for the 'online' wool shop,its happening,in the middle of getting everything sorted :-)hoping for the end of February.

Kathleen said...

Balance is a really good word, I think! I know what you mean---I love to crochet or do other crafty stuff while I watch TV or listen to music, but sometimes it's nice to just sit with my hands still, or read.

And I like that beret a lot, nice colour and your stitches look fantastic.

Tami Klockau said...

I'm with you. Before I just recently got sick, every time I sat down, I felt like I had to be sitting down and working on something else. Getting sick helped me realize it's okay to just sit and veg on the couch! Hope you're able to not feel guilt or constantly think of your knitting!

I love the color of the yarn you're using for the beret!

Christine said...

Good advice, a little bit of everything you fancy doing :-)

autumngeisha said...

Good luck on finding the right balance. I can definitely relate to this struggle. Your beret is looking great, love that color.

Libby said...

Sounds like a great plan Rachel. I get overwhelmed with all the things I want to do or should be doing and then don't seem to get them done at all. I think letting go of any guilt we have is the best thing to do.
That beret is looking gorgeous :-).


TwinTrouble said...

Balance is a fantastic word... also my word for this year :)

Liking the Colour of your new hat :)

You have been awarded The Stylish Blogger Award :)

Denise said...

If I just sit, I will fall asleep, or be really fidgety.

The beret looks great. I love that color yarn.


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