Sunday, 2 January 2011

2010- Scrapbook Pages

I swear this is the last 2010 review things seriously its getting a little embarrassing.
Plus i have some normal life posts to do, like my fun day with Heather i had today and the things i made people for christmas now they have all been dished out.

So scrapbooking, its safe to say that it took a bit of a nose dive this year, i blame the stupid house! (it will of course stop being the stupid house when we move in)
But i have decided if you dont go anywhere you cant take photos and therefore cant scrap.
I noticed a downturn from about July and if it wasnt for the 2 retreats i went out and my lovely Sarah's Cards kit i might not of done as much.
But i have done a round up and i had done more than i thought, i have only collaged the ones i really liked.

Ah thats my crazy number layout i mentioned the other day

Couple of my faves here is the butterfly one, which until yesterday was on my wall stuck on my magnet board, and my lola one, i plan to have them up in the new house somewhere.

These are mainly Sarah Kit pages, i plan on doing at Life at 28 page too shortly, when my new photos arrive.

I like my london pages best on this collage although i really like the 'folks' one too.

Ah my godmother page is going on my wall but i am proud of my kit work in this group.
Ah wedding month took over here, i love that now thanks to Lauras wedding we have so many photos of our little group in something other than hoodies lol
These are all retreat pages and i do like them all i think i was inspired by my clever chums and picked up a few different elements from them.

Although i am pleased with the pages i have done i know i have certainly been more selective about what i scrap about, thats not to say i wont scrap about my favourite shoes or anything but i do have to consider just how much room it takes to store the albums and all the costs involved. I havent scrapped since the Sarahs Cards retreat at the start of November which i admit is weird for me.

I think if i get a title in my head before i start it helps, i have taken a few photos this festive season with some titles in mind, so i have ordered them from Photobox and am excited to scrap again. But naturally they will arrive the day i go back to work and then when i will next get time to scrap i'm not sure. Im also hesitant coz my stupid tape gun big yellow thing is being a stupid head i have been struggling with it for a while hhmm, not that thats an excuse lol.

So there you go, i hope you have enjoyed my reviews, im off to go and finish my book, but rob happens to have bought a new PS3 game today i hope its a nice quiet one that can be played along side my reading lol, no i doubt it too lol

thanks for stopping by

Rach x


Libby said...

Hi Rachel,

Well I, for one, loved seeing all your layouts. You have such a fun style. I really struggle with not scrapbooking all the photos I print (as those have already been narrowed down to my favourites :-)). Besides finishing Journal your Christmas I haven't scrapbooked in ages but I'm keen to get back into now :-).


Christine said...

Some lovely inspirational layouts there, you seem to have achieved so much in 2010 :-)

Sally said...

cuuuuuute post, you have scrapped loads this year, am seriously impressed!!! looking forward to seeing more from you rachie, oh and hopefully seeing you and the house soon!!!!! yay

love xxx


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