Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010- A knitting review

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a great night and are excited about this new year and what it will bring, i know i sure am, in fact i'm a little bit giddy!

So I thought i would do a bit of a knitting round up, Knitting has been a huge part of my life this year. I think 2010 was the year i really got into it, and with all the lovely babies that have made an appearance i have been kept busy.

So here is a little look back, i have named everything by what it is named on ravelry, as well as a little note of what i have learnt and my favourite project.

So this is from Jan to Spring time
*Tudora which was my first go at cables, *Collo which i made and have never worn (frogging perhaps) *another Tudora but floppy wool*Emerald green handwarmers,First pair of mitts *Shroom my very first*Annas Wedding Bolero this is a bit small and i need help getting it on *Emerald green mitts but longer *Baggy Bolero this took ages *Floppy Bunny Hat debating starting more of these now *Spring Beret, this was far too small doh!

Im quite pleased with this lot, i tackled cables, double moss, a big project and lace work.
I think my favourite out of this lot is my Shroom as i have gone on to make loads and i love it.

Hmm about April till July here
*Starting making bows for my shop *Slip side Cloche, still one of my favourite hats * Started making Brooches *Bitty Boy bump cardigans, cute fast pattern* Elefante, cute but turned out to be fiddly*Knitted cupcake, cute easy pattern * Neat Ripple Pattern, think i have done 4 now and im still not great at it * baggy bolero

This section, i learnt to crochet, knit properly in the round, pick up stitches.
Tough lot to pick a favourite, i am proud i kinda tackled Crochet and was great that people were so happy with them. But i think my favourite is the 20s hat coz its cute cute cute!

September till october
*Shroom/ Biggie Rib hat*Clapotis took forever but worth it*Montana Beret turned out far too big * Really warm hat *Fetchings *Shroom*Ishbel*just enough veggies*Rib knit baby hat

Turns out i like knitting hats, i learn here to do lace, not on a chart but still, to drop stitches on purpose with the clapotis and add thumbs in the fetchings.
Ohh tough choice, clapotis, Ishbel and Fetchings, i think its my Claptotis, it took the longest amount of time it cost the most money but i love it.

September till December

*Just enough Ruffles, cute but be nicer in a nicer yarn, *Daphne and Delilah, love this pattern too cute *Temporary Measure bunny, nightmare to knit but cute *Fetchings again*From Norway with love, one of my favourite patterns, * Fetchings *Shroom *Shroom*Fetchings *Fetchings

What i learnt was, i will go mad if i just repeat the same patterns over and over.
Favourite has to be my fair isle hat which was a bit small but im proud i mastered basic fair isle.

December ish with others thrown in.
*From Norway with love, added extra stitches on rib which helped, *Boneyard shawl, this is one of my favourite but it was 3ply and took ages, *Garter stitch cardi, looked easy but easy the most difficult thing i have knit and super proud i stuck it out and finished it*Holly Monster, was supposed to be quick and easy and was so fiddly *From Norway with love, added a extra heart repeat on width which seems to have sorted sizing out *Boneyard Shawl, knit in record time for xmas *Eat your veggies hat *ditto

So using 3ply was certainly a challenge although i love the yarn im not sure i would rush into that again, i learnt i can finish a project super quick if i put my mind to it.
My favourite has to be my boneyard shawl.


So thats it!
And now I have completely lost my mojo, the only thing i have on my needles thats been snoozing for a long time is it OWLS jumper and i think it might be too small so i dont really wanna continue.

I am struggling to know what to knit, I think december was really hard work in the end, but it feels strange not to have anything on the go. I know i want to knit a few things i havent before, as december was a tad repetitive lol. I also want patterns where i learn something new every time.
I like the look of these

This was next on my list but i have my lush dotty scarf and the lovely one my sis got me so im a bit unsure but i do still really like it, and it has a new stitch i havent done before.

I think this might be the next one, I havent made mitts where your fingers are covered too, and if i do it right it will match my scarf.
These have been on my list forever!, they look easy but fiddly, but i think if they were knit bigger they could be super cute.

So there you have it, Im pretty proud of all the things i have made, although a little mad at myself that my scrapping has taken such a nose drive but never mind.
I have made some great new friends with knitting and very happy i can make things especially when i have made things for my friends babies thats super special.

I plan to do a scrapbook review tomorrow if anyone is interested.

Im off now to bake some cookies and pack a few boxes and maybe even pick my needles up later one.
I hope you have enjoyed my little review.
Rach xx


Christine said...

Some truly gorgeous knitting there - be great to see the hearts done but agree they look fiddly. Looking forward to your scrapbooking review :-)

Claireliz said...

OMG, just how do you fit everything in, do you not need sleep? lol Seriously impressed by your knitting skills (& superwoman organisation skills :D) wishing you all the best in your new home & a Happy New Year.

Kerry said...

WOW that is a lot of knitting.

I've discovered a love of knitting shawls over the last few months and have joined the 11 shawls in 2011 group on Ravelry. I don't know if I will manage it or get bored but I will try. I was looking at the bone one yesterday for later in the year.

Carly said...

Happy new year! Great knitting review - I am half tempted to do a review but it might be a bit of a measly offering! Looking forward to more crafting in 2011

Sarah's Cards Ltd said...

Oh my word - you are a one woman dynamo!

Wishing you and Rob a Happy New Year xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Libby said...

Wow - can't believe how much you have knitted this year. I need to find a new project and develop my skills as I am well and truely scarfed out :-). Thanks for the inspiration. Is there anything you can recommend for a basic knitter?



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