Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 in review

So everyone has said this year has gone by in a blur and in some ways it has, I don't really feel it was my year. We didnt manage to go on holiday because we were saving for the house, we didnt do much coz we were saving for the house. Basically the house has ruled this year and we still dont have it. But next year, next year is OUR year.

Dont get me wrong this year has had its highs, i huge giant amount of my friends have had babys, lets count.
Max, Ethan, Alex, Lydia, Katrin, Eljiah, Jack, Adam, Grace,Benjamin, Brandon, Vincent,
Spot the trend? there havent been a whole lot of girls born this year. Here is a little piccy of some of the babies

2 of my lovely gal pals Laura and Vicky got married

but lets see this on a month by month photo situation

January was a quiet dark snowy month, filled with Twilight audio book, and my boy looking pretty

February, was exciting, we signed for the house, viewed the show house, bought lots of flowers, took our favourite photo of Lola, burnt my carpet (still havent fixed it or dont know what to do), visited my friend Charlotte who was pregnant.

March was hectic, lets see, first sarahs cards retreat, flowers, got to meet baby Max, took our favourite photo ever, fed a poorly lola, spring came, played with a ball in the park, made a big item, met Ethan, more flowers, made a quilt, and a extra pic

April, in April i got my friend back (well march but still), hung out with Heather and Fran, Heather started me a crochet cushion for the new house, hung out with heather on my lunch hour, went out without a coat on for the first time, viewed our plot, made a cute hat, sat in the park in short sleeved tops, bought crazy cute crockery.

May- flowers sprung, i started a little show, i made a crochet blanket, i made a wall of wall, we met baby Martha, we went to Holmefirth, it got hot, more tulips, cooking with Fran, we got foundations!

June was mental- made the most completed elephant ever, rents met for some pimms, i went home for a few days, went on a day trip to the Lakes (it rained), hooked on the beach in Brighton all alone, camped out, went to a awesome party, said goodbye to Jen, threw a baby shower, swooned over my boy, took cute photos, extra elephant

July was very baby orientated -We went to Ethans christening, we grew sweet peas, i went on a weekend long hen do and missed all of robs birthday, loved roundhay park, made tons of baby things, met Elijah for the 1st time, Baby Katrin was born.

Baby Jack was born, i made a giant mistake of a cardi, we sanded down mirrors, i met Lydia, i met Amy Butler, i took some wedding snaps, i randomly ended up on my old street and missed it dreadfully.

September- my oldest friend got married, i received a fab new house present ( a little early), we went camping, i started reading again, i made a giant hat, lovely Laura got married and i got to watch, i was bridesmaid at my friends wedding, i reconnected with old friends, lydia came to visit.

October- i made my first pair of mitts, i started watching xmas films, i made soup, i knit winter hats, i did my first lace pattern, i made the cutest pumpkin hat ever, i became a Godmother, i watched our how slowly take shape, i visited heather in her new pad, i made a quilt, i missed my lunch times with heather, me and rob played on the computer, i went to the cabin in the woods, (repeats)

November- Sarahs Cards dt retreat, the mothers became super good chums, we took some shocking autumn photos, we 'babysat', i met up with 2 of my besties, it snowed lots, i learnt how to do fair isle.

December- Crazy amounts of snow, bought a giant 8ft xmas tree, bought super expensive carpet, had a visit from Eli, got to go in our house for the very first time, had xmas, had xmas boy snaps, met up with old friends and their new babies, bought lots of stuff, had a xmas houseguest, bought a cute wreath that will stay up all year, got a cute plate stand, got ill, had a birthday!

So there you go, and yes that took ages!

So quite a year, I am quietly confident that next year is going to be flipping awesome.
I have finally received a call to say we can finally give notice on this house and next tuesday the painters are going in and they will be done by Friday, so all it then needs is the NHBC man to come out and approve its been made properly and then we can move in!
So that could possibly be next weekend! erm hello!

If thats not the most awesome way to start off the New Year i dont know what is!

Happy New Year to everyone, hope you have a great 2011,
Rachel x
p.s I plan on doing a 2010 knitting review tomo (ish)


Heather said...

awesome recap chiccy. By the way I can't find your cushion cover :( just think how lovely it will be when you receive it late though! (sorry.)

see you soonx xxxx

Rachael said...

Fab round up Rachel!!

Vicki said...

happy new year Rachael, have a good one. i can't wait to see your in review knitting post xxx

Heather said...

great roundup of your year, and I'm sure its good to start the NY with positive news about your new house :)

Libby said...

Hi Rachel,

Well, while your year might gone have gone quite as planned, it still looks like you had a good one - lots of fun times with friends/families and babies. With moving into your new home VERY soon I can tell 2011 is going to be YOUR year.


Scraptastic Mel x said...

Love the photo montages - must have taken you a while to put those together! It's defo been an eventful and fun filled year for you. Hopefully 2011 will see you in your new home.
Happy New Year!


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