Friday, 31 December 2010


So yesterday was my 28th Birthday, I am loving being 28 and not stinky 27 lol. I have been a busy be making collage photos as not to bore you as i have a million more photos for the whole 2010 round up post.
So had a lazy morning and a bit of web chat with my sis whilst i opened some yummy presents,
I have been after this phone cover of ages and hurray Rob listened yay!
I also got these beauties
My sis made them, i think im the last person in the family to get my own knitted socks, the socks are Cauchy for those knitters who want to look. I love them its well known i have the coldest feet in the world so much appreciate. She also got me some other cute stuff, i swear auz does some cute things and my sis has a knack of picking them out.

So after presents we headed to Starbucks at my request for a quick drink
Loving my new scarf by the way, i shall never take it off lol, so much so i had planned on knitting a couple of scarf/ neck items and now im not lol

Then we headed to Wetherby for a meal at ASK which seems to be what we do every year now. I was joined by my parents, robs parents and his sis, bf and his little girl.

So for a few snaps
Love these last 3, def some for the frames

So after our meal we went home to chill out for a bit and get ready for the evening do, unfortunately people were sick/ cancelled so it was just me and rob but thats just fine and dandy with me.
We went to TGI Friday, we havent been since we were last in America and it was just as yummy
This was my yummy chicken and shrimp with Jack Daniels sauce and rob stealing some
Change of outfit for me and my other new scarf which my big sis got me.
Free birthday milkshakes too yum.

I had a great day, i would have been great to have had my little party evening i planned in my new house and to see some of my friends but maybe next year.

As for being 28, it can only bring good things, number 1 being our house which we are getting increasingly desperate to get in, we have bought a dishwasher and sliding door in the past few days which were the last big things on our list.

I am dying for it to be midnight so i can play the this year we are.... game lol

right off to do a bit of a tidy up and a sort of photos for a 2010 round up we want one of those right?

Rach xx


Sarah xx said...

Glad you had a great birthday Rachel - love your spotty scarf and matching phone cover - they look really cute! Have a great 2011 and hope your move comes soon xxx

Northern Monkey said...

Happy birthday for yesterday, looks like you got some lovely pressies.

I'm looking forward to your 2010 round up and hope you have a wonderful 2011.

Laura x

Nat said...

Glad you had a great birthday....happy new year Rachel xx


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