Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The one with all the presents/sale items

So you saw my living room floor yesterday right! so its a bit crazy, I have been taking lots of photos and then lovingly packing things away.

So roll up item number 1
Sale- My lovely new coat and scarf yum! I didnt leave the house today so i havent worn it yet but im excited to.

Sale- a boots bargain if ever i saw one, I have been fancying a new hair brush. Rob bought me a really cute one waaaayyy back. So when i showed him this, he said this!' Why have you got a new brush did your old one stop working?' now seriously surely a gal is allowed to have a new hair brush once every 5 years but it made me laugh anyway lol
Sale- Who doesnt love a good jug? I cannot wait to fill them with lovely spring time flowers
Sale- I have been longing for this for a while, half price bargain, but now packed away for next year
Sale- now i know i have blogged about wanting this before, again packed in the box of wonder
Sale- can you tell I pretty much only went to Next lol, now these pretty lights were the reason I went to the sale, I wanted some white lights for all year use that weren't xmassy so hurray!

These reindeer were freaking huge and reduced to £4 bargain, and i got some place mats, do you like them im not 100% will see how they look when the new kitchen is all set up.
Cute little reindeer things
I went to paperchase too but only got a bit, i wasnt hugely impressed with the sale, but still cute!

and so that takes us on to xmas presents
I got these from Robs sis, i couldn't smell them at all on boxing day but boy can i smell them today lol, they are currently now packed and making the box smell like soap lol
From my Godson (obvs)
Now who watches How i met your mother? we love it and although its a bit of a odd present to buy your gf it made me laugh and im looking forward to having a min to read it lol
Jeez this was impossible to get in focus! Its a pasta stirrer! that stands up and has a face on it, cute huh?
This is a super cool thing i got from my auzzie sis, they are like photo mounts for the walls that dont leave marks, i havent seen them over here but looking forward to using them. Nicky got me a lush brooch as well which now matches my new coat very well, i shall put it on my new coat tomorrow and take a pic, i got a super fancy candle too which might have to wait for the fancy new house lol
this is an invisible book shelf cool, huh Im thinking either Harry Potter or Twilight
Cant beat a bit of gorgeous house type pretties
this was my secret santa present from work, im pretty glad as i dished out all the names i told everyone i dont drink wine! hurray for paperchase and someone knowing i like it.
A magazine subscription to my fave house mag, however i am told it was 'ordered' when i was actually due to be in my house so i may have missed the first/second issue lol, i can just imagine our builders all huddled around my mag lol
OOhhh pretty right? i currently use 2 mug trees for all of my necklaces (i have lots) so i am hoping this is going to be neater.
Colander (sp) for my new fancy kitchen, rob had a very kitchen theme to his presents this year lol
I have been after this for a while too, i sat today and put photo in it but i did just use anything i had so they are a bit random and close up, i will do a better job when i a) have ink b) havent packed my printer lol

I got tons of other things, so much was a crazy year, so i hope you enjoyed my little show and tell, so what did you get? did you brave the sales? i do like a good nosey!

So tomorrow (well 1 hour and 8 mins) is my birthday, I have to say i havent loved being 27, i have issued with the number 7 (yes im weird) and i am very much looking forward to being 28. I shall move into my house when im 28 and be a real grown up, and who knows what else 28 will bring me :)

Night night
Rachel Aged 27


Libby said...

So many wonderful things - I loved them all :-).
Hope you have a wonderful birthday. I had my first baby when I was 28 :-).

Christine said...

So many lovely goodies - enjoy them and your birthday :-)

Claire said...

I sooo want to move into your house with you and Rob - I adore all the goodies that you have bought for your new house!! Your taste is much like mine but I feel guilty buying such things for my house x Is your Godson's last name Snowball??

Katrina said...

Oooh gorgeous housey things! I especially love the little photo tree :)

I know what you mean about numbers & those related to age! I was exactly the same about 36 - I didn't mind 35 but 36 seemed so much worse.....heading towards 40 & all that - lol!

I'll be hitting a nice round 38 in 6 weeks time - now that is scary, only 2 years to go now!

Hope you had a fab birthday
Happy New Year


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