Tuesday, 28 December 2010

And breathe

Wowzer it has been a hectic few days. I am back in Leeds now, I managed to brave the sales, i wont comment on the crazy queue to get into Next or the equally crazy queue just to get upstairs to the home dept. But i did get a few things I had been after before Christmas 99% of which was christmas related.
I havent taken any photos yet its all currently spread across my living room floor
wanna see? (mam look away now)
Hhhmm messy huh? this is a combo of christmas, most of which arent actually there and sale, and i cant quite believe its my birthday in like 26 hrs so possible (definitely) more presents.
But tomorrow is the first day and only day me and rob have alone so we are going to try and put it in some sort of order. I can only assume that means looking at the presents going oohhh and ahhh then packing them away in a box ready to be played with in the new house, Which is quite sad.
However Rob doesnt seem to mind all of the mess
AAhhh he is such a happy smiley boy (yeah i know i make him sound 5) he is also loving his new dressing gown.

So whilst I was home i got to see my lovely friend Emily and Becky, we all went to college together and have not all met up probably since my 21st!
no i take that back i have found a photo from 2004 so only 6 years not 7 lol

And so i also got to meet the gorgeous Jack
Boy is this boy cute, Becky is her old completely dizzy self but now she has a baby. The conversation went like this
Becky- so what have you guys been up to
Me and Em- erm nothing, you?
Becky- erm i made a baby!

it was great seeing them both and very happy that it was just like old times

This photo makes me laugh so much, this is such a becky face and i am loving the expression on Jacks face- little fact Jacks middle name is Bauer, Im told this is a character on a programme lol
Cute huh! Anyone else LOVE beckys scarf?? I do too, i have been eyeing this up for weeks and actually popped into Accessorize on sale day but couldnt see it, was super upset and then searches the internet for ages, then i might have popped into Accessorize as i was walking to meet Rob tonight and saw one, not in the sale sadly but red and polka dot and i'm there.
I might have bought a little something to go with it, but more on that another day.

So for now i will leave you with some more photos of our house guest being cute.
Hes a cute one, hes really quiet though, you open the door and hes just sat there like hes been waiting hours for you to come through that door, not in a dog kind of way but its funny, but we think he is super cute. We are going to let him out tomorrow, he has a little lead coz technically we are moving out next month (OMG) and we really dont want him eating anything he shouldnt.

So tomorrows plan, try and locate our living room floor, take photos of my cute things, get ready to have a birthday!

thanks for stopping by and listen to me waffle.
Rach xx
p.s on the poorly front I am certainly feeling a bit better, eyes still runny, rose too and still coughing but getting there hurray. Jolly glad Im not at work tomorrow, hurray for booking 3 days off and ending up having 10 in row yay!

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Libby said...

Wow - that's some shopping you've done. You're braver than me. I don't like crowds and am happier to pay more to shop in relative quiet :-). And in Australia the shops seem to be on sale every other week these days. Hope we'll get to see what you got.



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