Monday, 3 January 2011

Back to normal

So everything has settled back down, its the last day of my 'holidays' so naturally i have given myself a crazy long list of things to do. So here is a little of what i have been doing in 2011.
Oh yeah some pics of some of my birthday presents
I had a kitchen themed birthday and xmas this year and this is one of my new red items, a seriously cool chopping board, its too cute right? this shop Koziol is also where rob got my crazy pasta scooper thing with a face on.
Another red kitchen item, this is a hand wash dispenser its called the penguin coz it looks like a penguin
A lava lamp, thats right i really like them, some smellies, some pretty boxes and a red 'splat' to rest your wooden spoon etc to stop the benches getting dirty. I also got some other cute things but they have been packed without being photographed.

on the 31st i got all my birthday cards in the post
So i promptly made a birthday card tree
Cute huh? its about the only thing left in the living room see...

Cute delayed christmas present from my chum Franny
birthday tulips
Some frames i put together the other day, i then went on to smash one of them which i am hopping mad about, well it fell off the radiator when i left the room after i took the photo! ggrr!
our never ending pile of xmas goodies, how is anyone ever supposed to be able to diet in January when all of this is hanging around? im planning on using it in the new house when people come and visit. You may have noticed the Jaffa Cakes they are my favourite and all mine!

New calendar, you might notice its my Grannies 79th Birthday today, Happy Birthday Granny!
Having gone off my knitting i have been reading lots which i am loving, Rob isnt loving the silent time which i now require on a evening lol
Ive been loving my new book mark which is crazy magnetised, its so strong. its actually a cute pic colour not this crazy colour.

ive also been hanging out with this guy
We have become really fond of little Alfie, Rob calls him Alfred its funny.
He is going home tomorrow and we will miss him.

Which leads me to tell you that we have decided to go for the bunny option in the kitten vs bunny battle we have been having. We really like bunnies and cats live a long time lol but we are a bit worried how we would manage with a cat without a cat flap and new house issues etc
We will probably get bunnies when it starts to get warmer and we have saved for all the kit you need, those hutches are pricey.

Well i think thats all for now, i was gonna blog about my lovely day with Heather but i have already showed you tons and i have a list to see it so i will do it tomorrow.

Tomorrow we should also get the official date we can move from the Forman man, so thats exciting stuff!

Right i am off to pack like a loon

Rach xx

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JO SOWERBY said...

happy bday rachel, you had some fab gifts. glad you've chosen a bunny, i loved mine and he is still going with his adopted family at 10 years old!!!! hope u get good news about the move and see u soon in blogland,
Jo xxxx


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