Saturday, 27 November 2010

November Kit

Morning all, i have woken up today to a fabulous blanket of snow and everything looks very pretty indeed, just hope it doesnt give the builders an excuse to delay my little house. Its looking nearly finished from the outside but needs everything doing on the inside. The forman goes on holiday on the 10th december and he wants it done by then, which is jolly nice of him, at his leisure. Our main goal is to be in for xmas in some sort of nice pretty order.

So anyway its a lovely snowy day,
and shortly i am off into town to meet 2 of my bestest buddies, Heather and Fran, i used to see these girls every day and now they both live far to far away for my liking, but we are heading for the xmas market in town today and have a bit of a potter. Im hoping to catch up on the xmas card making and i have a little idea of something i want to make so im hoping it all works out.

I have finished my hat i shared on wednesday and knit another one in between, i really like fat wool. I am starting another pair of fetchings today for the lovely Sarah and some xmas baby hats. Oh and i still need to finish those blooming long red mitts for Holly doh!

Right the kit lol
November kit was literally my favourite and it was the first time in a while i have been happy with my work.
These are my favourite photos of the year as you may know given the amount of time i have scrapped them. The title was inspired/taken from Dirty Dancing which happened to be playing at the time and i really liked it. I love that the colours are bright but not in a gaudy way they are a bit crate like in colour.

I have had this photo on my scrapping pile forever, i really wanted to tell the story of how i was a terrible brownie. i only ever went to the meetings when a camp was coming up then when i went on camp i didnt really like the outdoors-ness. I cant remember where i was in this pic but i remember my dad and my granny coming to pick me up which is a strange thing to remember.

I do have a couple more but i really want to cast on the mitts and the hat before i leave and i want to run to TK MAX before i meet heather at 10 erm best dash.

Thanks for stopping by

oh and someone left a comment about the alpha i bought last weekend, its a papermania one, still to try it out yet.
Oh yes and i was going to say i have a stack of bazzill that i am wanting to sell like tons but it weighs a ton any ideas on if it would be worth it given the postage is going to be so high?

rach x


JO SOWERBY said...

ooh we have a winter wonderland too. have fun shopping. not sure about the card stock maybe divide it up or someone who can collect it?
Jo xxx

Nicola said...

Hahaha bad brownie!!


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